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Discover Your Client’s Needs, Expectations, and Reasons for the Photo Shoot

In addition to learning about your canine subject, you need to learn about your human client. Sometimes, this is even more vital, because the human is the one paying your fee [more…]

Confirm Details with Your Dog Photography Clients

As you find out more about your client’s needs and wants, you’ll know what session or package option is right for her and her god and you can discuss that with her. [more…]

Prepare Your Human and Canine Photography Clients

You should run through how the photo shoot is going to work with your human client ahead of time. This is a big piece of the shoot, actually, and it doesn’t even happen during the session itself. [more…]

Model Releases for Your Dog Photography Business

As a photographer, you retain your rights to your photos. You can decide to waive those rights at any time, but in general, you should retain them. To protect your rights, you need to create a waiver and [more…]

Deliver Client Proofs in Your Dog Photography Business

With proofs of your dog photographs ready to go, it’s time to make them available to your client. You can get your proofs online using a number of methods; for example, you can use Adobe Lightroom’s integrated [more…]

Client Viewing of Your Dog Photography

After your proofing gallery is live, it’s time to invite your clients to view it by e-mailing them the link. Also, let them know what the next steps are. If their package includes any photos, remind them [more…]

How to Accept Payment for Your Dog Photography Business

Getting paid for your dog photography by check or cash is the most direct and usually the easiest way to go, but you can also use PayPal, which is becoming more and more popular. The thing to remember [more…]

How to Build Your Dog Photography Portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card. It showcases your work and makes people want to book you for jobs. When building your portfolio, you want to build something that represents your style, diversity, [more…]

Create a Website to Promote Your Dog Photography Business

First and foremost, for your dog photography business, you need a website . . . immediately! If you’re not exactly web-savvy, setting up a website can be a daunting task, but in reality, solutions are [more…]

Build Relationships with Local Pet Care Businesses and Rescue Groups

Talking up dog photography is a heck of a lot easier if you do it in the right places. Do some research to map out all the pet care businesses in your area, including pet boutiques, groomers, dog walking [more…]

How to Get Your Dog Photography Business Website Found

Getting your dog photography business website live is half the battle. Getting found online is the other half. Today, most people use a search engine like Google to track down what they’re looking for, [more…]

Business to Take Care of Before You Open Your Food Truck

Your food truck is a business, so you need to get the necessary forms filled out and filed before you hit the streets and open your service window. Use the following list to ensure that you have the accounts [more…]

What to Consider When Selecting a Mobile Food Platform

Determining what platform, or vehicle — food truck, trailer, or cart — to use to present your menu to your customers requires that you consider the following factors: [more…]

Running a Food Truck For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Running a successful food truck is tougher than it may appear. You must plan and prepare everything that a fine dining establishment does (except the china and linen napkins), such as concept development [more…]

Being Agile in Your Pop Up Business Planning

Pop ups are fast, furious, flexible and fun. Planning is essential to success, but plans for pop up businesses are living, working documents, not set in stone. Aim to use agile methods [more…]

Considering the Best Use for Your Pop Up Venture

When planning your pop up, be clear about what it does. Pop up businesses use an empty or underused space to do something exclusive, distinct or special. They have a clear start and end date, and don’t [more…]

Thinking about the Right Space for Your Pop Up Venture

Finding a pop up venue can be great fun; you get to explore your local area and spot all sorts of spaces you’ve never noticed before. [more…]

Pop Up Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Creating a pop up business embraces a new, nimble way of working that’s perfect for the 21st century. Pop ups aren’t just a temporary use of space because there’s a recession; they’re a new way of using [more…]

How to Find an Interesting Pop Up Location

To find the perfect place for your pop up, you have to do some footwork and visit potential locations. But the first step in finding a pop up actually takes place before you set a foot outside. The following [more…]

Making Your Pop Up Brand and Marketing Distinct

However you approach them, all branding and marketing must contribute to the overall aim of your pop up. They must make it sparkle and shine, but they also need to be honest about what you’re doing. If [more…]

Planning a Pop Up Media Campaign

Before you start on your pop up's media plan, be really clear about what you hope to achieve. Overall, your campaign must further the aim of your pop up. But in more detail, it may well be that your media [more…]

Ten Useful Items to Have in Your Pop Up Venture

Every pop up needs to have some things – besides the big things, such as an idea, great branding and so on. Pop ups need several smaller, more practical items that you can easily overlook. [more…]

Charm Your Way into a Pop Up Location

Spotting a pop up space you like is easy enough, but finding out who owns the space and then winning them over to let you use it can be harder. The key to success is to start early and to network. [more…]

Just What Is a Pop Up Business?

You see pop up cinemas and pop up cafes, pop up shops and all types of pop up businesses everywhere you look. What’s going on with this pop up phenomenon? [more…]

How Do Pop Up Shops Compare with Traditional Premises?

Pop ups offer many benefits over traditional premises to lots of types of businesses. Although artists were the first to recognise the benefits of pop ups, all business sectors, from small and home-based [more…]


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