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Refocus Critical Conversations that Go Off-Track

Even if you use a positive facilitation approach during a critical conversation, the discussion can still go off-track. Critical conversations can go off track for many reasons. When one does, refocus [more…]

Deal with Resistance using Critical Conversation Skills

If your critical conversation encounters resistance, focus your skills and turn the situation around. Critical conversation skills can defeat resistance in a discussion by teaching you to stay flexible [more…]

Avoid Pitfalls in Critical Conversations through Preparation

The success of a critical conversation is based on the amount of planning that goes into it. Four major pitfalls contribute to critical conversation catastrophes. The good news is that you can avoid these [more…]

Build Rapport and Trust Before Having a Critical Conversation

As you prepare for a critical conversation, building rapport and trust to set the tone can get the conversation on the right track from the start. Rapport and building trust give the recipient of the critical [more…]

Critical Conversations and the Direct Communication Style

Effectively delivering a message during a critical conversation comes down to communication style. Your communication style may be direct, or something else. Your communication style is the way you deliver [more…]

Critical Conversations and the Passive Communication Style

During critical conversations, the way in which people deliver their message comes down to style. You might have a passive communication style, or something else. Individual communication styles and behaviors [more…]

Critical Conversations and the Assertiveness Communication Style

No matter what communication style you have, using assertiveness and getting your employees to use assertiveness is the key to successful communication during critical conversations. During a critical [more…]

How to Apply Active Listening during Critical Conversations

Active listening happens when you actively pay attention to a speaker’s words and nonverbal cues. Applying active listening to critical conversations allows you to more fully participate. When people say [more…]

Keep Confrontational Language Out of Critical Conversations

When confrontational language is used during a critical conversation, the conversation spirals out of control. Confrontational language in a critical conversation blocks each party from listening to the [more…]

Five Key Phrases to Employ in Critical Conversations

To make critical conversations go more perfectly, you can draw on five key phases to get the critical conversation going in the right direction and to redirect the discussion if it gets off track. [more…]

Workplace Dynamics and the Need for Critical Conversations

Workplace dynamics can make a good team perform at an extraordinary level or fall to pieces. Many workplace dynamic critical conversations come about because of subjective issues such as personality differences [more…]

Prioritizing Issues for a Critical Conversation

If you have a laundry list of issues that need to change, prioritizing them before having a critical conversation is key. Decide which issues you need to discuss in a critical conversation, and which ones [more…]

Decide on Options to Move Forward in a Critical Conversation

Critical conversations lead to better relationships and productivity. The EDGE model for critical conversations calls for you to decide on options for moving forward, after examining data and acknowledging [more…]

How to Coach Employees using Critical Conversation Skills

Combining coaching with critical conversation skills can employees achieve and sustain top performance in support of organizational goals. Using coaching along with critical conversation methods can turn [more…]

Create Powerful Action Plans using Critical Conversation Skills

Thanks to your prep work, you aced the critical conversation. Now it's time to create an action plan based on the critical conversation's discussion, so that all the agreements, ideas, and feedback presented [more…]

Decide When to Have a Critical Conversation on Past Issues

Even past issues can be addressed in a critical conversation. Having a critical conversation isn’t as easy as scheduling a meeting, however. Critical conversations take work, time, and follow-up, but having [more…]

How to Turn Confrontation into Accommodation in Critical Conversations

Critical conversations are often emotional, which may lead to confrontation. You can turn confrontation in a critical conversation into accommodation by using one of three proven methods. Whether you’re [more…]

6 Strategies for Managing Conflict on the Job

Disagreements and differences are inevitable within a work team or organization. As a manager, your challenge is to lead team members by modeling and helping them learn new behaviors that resolve conflicts [more…]

5 Steps for Managing Employee Performance Problems

As a manager dealing with employee discipline, your primary concern is correcting unacceptable performance. You always want to help your good workers become even better, but your first concern has to be [more…]

6 Ways to Build Effective Cross-Group or Interdepartmental Communication

How you build relationships and interact with staff and managers from other groups greatly affects the cooperation you get from them when you need it. Effective communication plays a large part in developing [more…]

How to Take Your Bar’s Inventory

Everyone seems to have their own way to track inventory. As you begin to run your bar it is important to keep track of your inventory. Knowing how much product you have on hand at any given time is essential [more…]

How to Balance Your Bar Life with Your Personal Life

If you’ve ever worked in a bar, you know that those who run the bar are there well before and after the hours of operation. If the bar is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., for example, someone is probably there [more…]

How to Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule in Your Bar

Create daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules for your bar to make sure all areas in your bar are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. Besides the obvious reason [more…]

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