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How to Receive Customer Payments with QuickBooks 2011

When a customer pays an invoice that you have previously sent in the mail or through QuickBooks 2011, you choose Customers→Receive Payments in QuickBooks to record the payment. Choose the command and then [more…]

How to Assess Finance Charges in QuickBooks 2011

You can tell QuickBooks 2011 to assess finance charges on overdue customer invoices. To do this, you first set up the finance charge calculation rules. After you've done this, you can easily assess finance [more…]

How to Navigate the QuickBooks 2011 Customer Menu

The QuickBooks 2011 Customer Menu allows the user to bill, invoice, credit, and receive payments from customers. But that's not all it offers. The Customer Menu supplies several other commands that are [more…]

How to Create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks 2011

The purchase orders you create with QuickBooks serve a simple purpose: They tell vendors that you want to purchase some item. In fact, a purchase order [more…]

Recording the Receipt of Items with QuickBooks 2011

When you receive items from a vendor, you can record the receipt in QuickBooks. You typically do this when you want to record the receipt of an item even before you receive a bill for the item. For example [more…]

How to Enter a Bill in QuickBooks 2011

If you told QuickBooks during the setup process that you want to track unpaid bills, also known as accounts payable, you can enter bills as you receive them. As you do this, QuickBooks keeps track of the [more…]

How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks 2011

If you use QuickBooks to keep track of the bills that you owe, you don't use the Write Checks window to record the bills that you want to pay. Rather, you tell QuickBooks to display a list of these unpaid [more…]

How to Navigate the Vendor Menu in QuickBooks 2011

The Vendor Menu for QuickBooks 2011 allows you to create purchase orders, enter and pay bills, and receive orders. And although these are some of the menu's more common functions, it can help you complete [more…]

How to Adjust Physical Counts and Inventory Values in QuickBooks 2011

Inventory shrinkage, spoilage, and, unfortunately, theft all combine to reduce the inventory that you physically have. In order for QuickBooks to reflect these fluctuations, you periodically physically [more…]

How to Adjust Prices in QuickBooks 2011

QuickBooks 2011 understands that times change, and prices might, too. QuickBooks provides a couple of handy commands and tools that you can use to change the prices that you charge customers for your products [more…]

Managing Inventory in a Manufacturing Firm with QuickBooks 2011

Even with QuickBooks, tracking inventory in a manufacturing firm can be more difficult than in other types of businesses. The problem stems from a couple of tricky accounting requirements. QuickBooks solves [more…]

How to Write a Check with QuickBooks 2011

Obviously, any business writes checks — to pay bills and to pay employees. QuickBooks 2011 includes a command and a window specifically for the purpose of recording and possibly printing checks. To record [more…]

How to Customize Check Forms in QuickBooks 2011

Before you write your checks in QuickBooks, you might decide that you want to personalize them a little. You might want your checks to reflect the look of your business. For example, QuickBooks gives you [more…]

How to Transfer Money Between Bank Accounts in QuickBooks 2011

The Banking menu in QuickBooks 2011 supplies a useful command for transferring money between bank accounts. Just choose Banking→Transfer Funds, and QuickBooks displays the Transfer Funds Between Accounts [more…]

How to Record Register Transactions in QuickBooks 2011

The QuickBooks Register window looks like the regular paper register that you use to keep track of transactions or a bank account. QuickBooks allows you to enter transactions directly into an account register [more…]

Things to Remember about Budget Analysis

A budget truly gives a business owner or manager a way to plan out the year's operation, think about what's most important, and quantify what the firm should achieve over the year. While formulating your [more…]

How to Use QuickBooks 2011's Register Window Features

The QuickBooks Register window provides several buttons and boxes to enable you to more easily work with the Register window and control the way it looks. Understanding these buttons and their functions [more…]

How to Use Edit Menu Commands in QuickBooks 2011

Sometimes, in the course of your work within QuickBooks 2011, you have to make changes to your various entries. The Edit menu in QuickBooks (which appears when the Register window is open and active) provides [more…]

How to Reconcile Your Bank Account in QuickBooks 2011

It's inevitable that, at some point, the amount of money in your bank account won't exactly match the amount of money that QuickBooks says is in your bank account. But you can reconcile a bank account [more…]

How to Set Up Basic Payroll with QuickBooks 2011

To set up do-it-yourself payroll with QuickBooks 2011, you step through a Web-based interview. To start this interview, choose Employees→Payroll→Order Payroll Service. QuickBooks displays the Intuit QuickBooks [more…]

How to Pay Employees with QuickBooks 2011

With the Basic Payroll option QuickBooks offers, you do most of the work yourself, and you don't pay very much for your payroll processing. After you've set up the QuickBooks payroll processing capability [more…]

How to Work with Journal Entries in QuickBooks 2011

QuickBooks 2011 makes it easy for you to record journal entries. If you've spent any time working with QuickBooks, you may know that most of the journal entries that get recorded into the QuickBooks data [more…]

How to Review Accountant and Tax Reports with QuickBooks 2011

The Accountant & Taxes menu in QuickBooks 2011 appears when you choose Reports→Accountant & Taxes. Hidden on this submenu are over a dozen QuickBooks menu commands and reports that are particularly interesting [more…]

How to Create an Accountant's Copy of Data Files in QuickBooks 2011

QuickBooks makes it easier for accountants to work with client data files. You can have the client use the Accountant's Copy feature in QuickBooks and simply e-mail or snail-mail you a copy of the QuickBooks [more…]

How to Use the Report Window in QuickBooks 2011

If you're comfortable working with Microsoft Windows, working with the QuickBooks Report window should be a snap. Along the top edge of the window, QuickBooks displays both buttons and boxes. You use these [more…]


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