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How to Create 360 Degrees of Repetition with Innovative Presentations

Finding more than one way to make the same vital point in your innovative presentation repeatedly effectively accomplishes your objectives of branding, name recognition, and message recognition. Attendees [more…]

How to Handle If Talk on the Side of Your Innovative Presentation

People in the room of your innovative presentation may be holding conversations with the person(s) next to them and sometimes talking loud enough for you and others to hear are a distraction to everyone [more…]

How to Deflate Windbags in Your Innovative Presentation Q&A

Windbags have an opinion about everything, and they think everyone wants to hear them endlessly pontificate in your innovative presentation. They want to hog the floor and interject their comments throughout [more…]

Innovative Presentations: How to Handle Audience Reluctance to Change

People automatically reject change of any type — it’s a part of the human psyche and that doesn’t change because of a great innovative presentation. Something new or different, whether it’s starting a [more…]

How to Choose Visuals for Innovative Presentations Wisely

Taste is subjective, color trends change, and new production techniques can make a visual you are considering using for your innovative presentation from five years ago seem old today. [more…]

How to Relate Words and Visual Elements in Innovative Presentations

When you begin developing your innovative presentation, think about the main point you want to make and keep reworking it, asking yourself why or how, until it’s solid. Change subjective adjectives into [more…]

How to Build and Direct the Flow of Information in Innovative Presentations

As the presenter, you guide the audience through your innovative presentation. You begin with a set of assumptions about what they know and then move forward, essentially teaching them, giving them the [more…]

How to Stylize Text for an Innovative Presentation

Like choosing a color palette, choosing a typeface for your innovative presentation can be an exciting, creative task or a daunting one. Typeface styles communicate the tone and intent of your company [more…]

How to Step Up to the Innovative Presentation Board

Aside from being effective visual tools, a key reason to consider using presentation boards alongside your tricked-out technology-based innovative presentation is variety, change, and redirected attention [more…]

How to Do an Innovative Presentation at a Poster Session

Unless you’re involved in medical, scientific, or other types of research, you haven’t heard of poster sessions, let alone how to have an innovative presentation here. Also called a [more…]

How to Make Attractive and Active Innovative Presentation Displays

A category of displays to consider using for those speeches or innovative presentations that warrant them are items that you can buy or build or hire someone else to build. [more…]

How to Present an Innovative Presentation to a Small Group in Your Conference Room

After you invest in setting up a small projection system in a conference room, you find many opportunities to use it. Having your own innovative presentations projection system provides a fabulous location [more…]

How to Present an Innovative Presentation at a Training Session

Given the sales numbers for handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, it’s highly likely that attendees at a training session with an innovative presentation will have, and bring, such a device [more…]

How to Utilize Augmented Reality Apps to Enhance Innovative Presentations

Augmented reality (AR) apps enhance what you see and show you more. They can be a great addition to innovative presentations. AR apps insert virtual images in a real environment or give you more information [more…]

How to Take Your Innovative Presentation Online

With increased travel costs and clashing schedules, you may have trouble reaching the innovative presentation site or find that a key player in the decision-making process can’t attend. Alternatively, [more…]

How to Keep Your Innovative Presentation for Executives Simple

As intelligent and prepared as executives are for your innovative presentation — or perhaps because of it — they don’t tend to make assumptions or jump to conclusions, so don’t expect them to connect the [more…]

How to Plan for Ultimate Success of a Team Innovative Presentation

Important team innovative presentations have something in common with lawyers. Most lawyers fervently believe that a case is won or lost before they ever enter a courtroom because it is the research, analysis [more…]

Basics of Innovative Presentation Rehearsals vs. Practices

Rehearsing differs from practicing your innovative presentation, which is improving your general speaking techniques through a simple form of repetitive behavior with the goal of becoming articulate and [more…]

How to Give Your OR&B Innovative Presentation

Like any other presentation, with your innovative presentation you want to talk about the current situation (or problem) and the results and benefits that your product or service can bring. During your [more…]

4 Types of Interactions for Webinars

Like recess or gym class, participation from everyone (presenter to participant) is a big part of the webinar process, so there’s not one set of rules when it comes to interacting with your guests. The [more…]

How to Manage Time in Webinars

A webinar is not like a Bruce Springsteen concert that can run for hours without a predictable end and nobody minds. You have no such luxury with a webinar, nor do participants clamor for it. When it comes [more…]

How to Shoot Webinar Video in a Confined Space

Many webinars use video, so it means you’ll have to pick the type that best serves your needs. You also have the added worry of making sure the equipment fits in your designated space. [more…]

Basics of Webinar Lighting on a Budget

Somewhere between the unflattering look of restroom illumination and the vibrant glow of your morning news program lies the perfect look for your webinar’s talking head. Now you may think that the lighting [more…]

How to Master Your Webinar’s Script

Your webinar’s script covers the written account of the webinar and can vary in structure and length. Whether you write a tightly written script that is followed to the letter by the presenter, or prefer [more…]

How to Create Flow in a Webinar

Think of your webinar much like you would a new recipe. After you have assembled all of the ingredients; it’s time to make them all come together.

Like cooking, the webinar is much more than the sum of [more…]

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