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Announcing Your Image via Letterhead and Envelopes

Letterhead and envelopes may be the first encounter someone has with your business, and first impressions are obviously important. But even if customers have done business with you for some time, the look [more…]

Avoiding Common Meeting Mistakes

Successfully organizing meetings is an under-appreciated business skill. With the umpteen details meeting and event planners need to handle, mistakes are bound to be made, and sometimes heads will roll [more…]

Presenting Financial Reports: Turning Numbers into Information

Often, when the financial types get up and present a business's financial status, it seems like the lights got turned out and everyone went home. Even though you listen intently, it seems like they're [more…]

Writing a Good Business Blog

Early blogs focused on technology and the ubiquitous "this-is-my-life" commentary; an intermediate wave of blogs focused on news and politics; more recently, the hottest blogs are business blogs. Why do [more…]

Budgeting for Fundraising

Raising money costs money. And no organization receives every grant or gift that it seeks. A nonprofit needs to be sure up front that it can afford its potential fundraising costs and that the costs are [more…]

Using Stories as a Presentation Tool

Business presentations don't always have to be about numbers, charts, and graphs. Sometimes telling a story can help your audience grasp a concept more readily than staring at raw data. [more…]

E-Mail Etiquette on the Job

A couple years ago, e-mail surpassed postal mail as the highest-volume carrier of messages. Its popularity has been booming ever since and shows no signs of stopping. Though volumes have been written about [more…]

Finding a Transaction in Quickbooks 2006

When you can't remember the information that you need to find a particular entry or transaction (for a check, deposit, or transfer) in QuickBooks 2006, you can search for the information by using the Find [more…]

Creating a Risk List for Your E-Commerce Venture

The most important step you can take to evaluate your e-commerce plan is to take a close, realistic, — even pessimistic — view of it. Have your project team look at the plan and point out the places where [more…]

Confirming That Your Dream Career Won't Be a Nightmare

A career idea has captured your attention. You know something about this potential career from visiting Web sites, doing informational interviews, and reading about the work, but you still don't know whether [more…]

Seeking Financial Foundation for Your Restaurant

Most people can't completely fund their own restaurants, so they need to look for outside investors. Investors can include partners (both silent and not-so-silent), people looking for a new investment, [more…]

Weeding Out Duplicate Contacts in ACT! 2007

Finding pesky duplicates in your ACT! 2007 database is tricky but not impossible. Because having multiple records for the same person or company is common, ACT! enables you to check easily for duplicate [more…]

Getting Into Customers' Heads via Surveys

You can conduct several different kinds of customer surveys, including demographic surveys, which help you determine which age groups, genders, races, and socioeconomic groups tend to use your business [more…]

Handling Problems during a Presentation

Problems can occur at any time during a presentation that involves an audience. Visual aids can get screwed up; loud sounds can interfere with the audience's understanding of your point; or you might just [more…]

Making the Leap to Your Dream Career

The biggest factor in your transition from one career to the next is money. Although you'd love to just quit your current job and dive headlong into your new career, financial realities keep you from acting [more…]

Organizing Small Groups for Training

Small groups are critical to a well-designed training program. A handful, rather than a horde, of people gathered together have a greater chance of becoming involved and actively participating in training [more…]

Bringing in Partners

A business partnership is when two or more people team up in the ownership and operation of a business. Several large, well-known businesses have started out as successful partnerships [more…]

Sorting Out Business Legal Structures

Business type and tax preparation and reporting go hand in hand. If you work as a bookkeeper for a small business, you need to know the business's legal structure before you can proceed with reporting [more…]

Earn More Royalties via Self-Publishing

Major publishers typically pay authors a recoupable advance, plus a pre-determined royalty on book sales as compensation. Writers who self-publish their books, however, must cover all their project's development [more…]

Knowing What to Take to a Real Estate License Exam

The big day is almost here. You've passed whatever prelicensing course you had to take with flying colors, and you've filled out and sent in your application for the exam and gotten something back in the [more…]

Making a Good First Impression in India

First impressions are important wherever you go, and business etiquette can change quickly as you move from country to country. The good news is that Indians welcome the opportunity to work with foreigners [more…]

Building a Web Site That Reinforces Your Brand

If by any slight chance you're wondering if you need a Web site — or a stronger Web site than the one you already have — make a list of brand names you know, and then look online to see if each one has [more…]

Working with a Catering Manager

Before you can organize a function with food for a big meeting or event, you need to meet with the catering manager (CM) at the facility you've rented or your outside caterer or party planner if you hold [more…]

The Realtor's Role in a Residential Real Estate Transaction

Buying and selling houses is the primary business of real estate brokers and salespeople. Here's an overview of a typical house sale involving real estate agents. [more…]

The Scope of Sarbanes-Oxley: Securities and Issuers

To understand which parts of SOX apply to your company, you need to understand what type of investments are considered securities and which types of issuers are subject to or exempt from SOX. [more…]

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