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Taking a Look at a Sarbanes-Oxley Overview

In response to a loss of confidence among American investors reminiscent of the Great Depression, President George W. Bush signed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act into law on July 30, 2002. SOX, as the law was quickly [more…]

Before Filing Your Articles of Organization for Your Limited Liability Company

The articles of organization is your limited liability company's (LLC) most important document. Why? Because you can't even be an LLC until you create and file your articles of organization with your Secretary [more…]

Quality Control Technique: Trimming Down with Lean Processes

Lean processes are the latest diet craze in the world of quality control! Lean is a quality control technique you can use to identify and eliminate the flab in your company's processes. The [more…]

Avoiding Stage Fright

Whether you're giving a business presentation or delivering a soliloquy onstage, stage fright can rear its ugly head. The fear of getting stage fright can itself cause stage fright to strike you dumb. [more…]

Avoiding Six Sigma Pitfalls

Navigating your business through the Six Sigma methodology can be treacherous. Identifying — and avoiding — common Six Sigma mistakes and perceptions can keep your business from running aground. [more…]

Avoiding Lawsuits and Prosecution under Sarbanes-Oxley

How do you keep yourself, your department, and your company out of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) spotlight? Here are a few tips for keeping the litigators off your doorstep and sleeping soundly with SOX compliance [more…]

Win-Win Negotiating

You are about to end the negotiation, either by closing a deal or walking away from it. If you are going to close the deal, be sure that the deal is positive for both parties, producing a win-win situation [more…]

The Importance of a Financial Paper Trail

Accounting for a company's finances is all about creating an accurate paper trail. You want to track of all your company's financial transactions so if a question comes up at a later date, you can turn [more…]

Copywriting Basics: Giving Grammar a Break

Copywriting doesn't necessarily demand the strictest observance to formal English grammar. Because your objective is to build an empathetic rapport with your readers, you want to write the way they speak [more…]

Considering the Pros and Cons of Rapid Improvement Events

All business processes start out operating perfectly (that's the plan, anyway). Over time, however, things change. Gradually, a simple process becomes more complex, and this complexity can breed inefficiency [more…]

Erecting Your Restaurant on Solid Legal Ground

Your attorney and your accountant can help you decide how to set up your business. You have a number of options from going it alone to setting up a partnership to incorporating your business. Your decision [more…]

Inspiring Team Creativity for Business

The creative outcome of a business team depends on the nature of the group of individuals you assemble (the more dynamic, inspired, and innovative, the better) and the communication skills that the session [more…]

Creating an Out-of-State Limited Liability Company

If your limited liability company (LLC) isn't a bricks-and-mortar business — maybe you're running an Internet company or a consulting or service business that isn't restricted to a particular state — and [more…]

Don't Let Fear Get in the Way of Success

Fear of failure is probably the second biggest cause of failure. The first is fear of the unknown — just watch any horror movie. The easiest way to overcome these fears is to take action. Don't succumb [more…]

Using Microsoft Word in ACT! 2008

ACT! 2008 can use Microsoft Word 2007 as the default word processor, and you can attach Word documents to the Documents tab. What you might not have noticed, however, is that after you install ACT!, an [more…]

Exhibiting a Customer-Friendly Attitude

One thing all people who give great service have in common is that they have a genuine customer-friendly attitude. You view your customers as the most important part of your job and sincerely appreciate [more…]

Consulting Skill: Listening to a Potential Client

A consultant's primary responsibility is to help clients find the best solutions to their needs. This means asking questions and then listening — really [more…]

Understanding Your Rights on the Board of Directors of a Nonprofit Organization

It's a sad fact of life that volunteer directors of nonprofits run the risk of being sued in the course of carrying out duties for which they aren't paid. Fortunately, many states realize the importance [more…]

The Endgame Cover Letter: Wrapping It Up

You're well into your job search. Maybe your search has stalled out and you need to restart it. Or perhaps you've been offered a job. You still have letters to write. [more…]

Evaluating Your Sales Techniques

Like any serious effort to make positive changes in your life, changing how you sell begins with an honest assessment of your current skills. Until you admit that you could be doing something better and [more…]

Identifying the Seven Buyer Motivations

Until you know what your prospective clients want or need, you're in no position to sell them anything. All you can do is present the product and describe its features. When you know what the client is [more…]

Designing a Better Business Organization

Being a manager is one of the most difficult — and potentially one of the most rewarding — jobs that anyone can take on in an organization. A successful manager must continuously improve systems and processes [more…]

Using Your Voice Effectively for Telephone Sales

When you're making telephone sales calls, the person at the other end doesn't know whether you're wearing a suit and tie or ratty pajamas. The only image that your sales prospects get is transmitted through [more…]

Managing the Calendar in Microsoft CRM

The ingredients essential to calendar management include viewing existing Activities, entering new Activities, the inevitable rescheduling of Activities, and [more…]

Finding Job-Hunting Help with Recruiters and Agencies

When you're searching for a job, you might consider getting some help from recruiters (headhunters) or employment agencies. Headhunters and employment agencies aren't right for everyone's job search, and [more…]

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