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What Is the Balanced Scorecard?

The Balanced Scorecard was developed in the early 1990s by two guys at the Harvard Business School: Robert Kaplan and David Norton. The key problem that Kaplan and Norton identified in the business of [more…]

Sole Proprietorships: Flying Solo

The simplest business structure is the sole proprietorship —the IRS's automatic classification for any business started by an individual. Most new businesses with only one owner start out as sole proprietorships [more…]

Considering Six Sigma Best Practices

Successful Six Sigma efforts have several practices and characteristics in common. As you launch into your own Six Sigma journey, you can use these as landmarks to set your course and bearing. Even after [more…]

Understanding Zoning, Licensing, and Permits

No matter which governments — federal, state, or local — have jurisdiction in your particular place of business, you can bet that they all have something to say about how, when, and where you can — and [more…]

Avoiding Self-Publishing Mistakes

If you're about to self-publish your first book, you can make a handful of mistakes that can mean the difference between a successful publishing venture and a total bomb. Careful planning and implementing [more…]

Introducing Form 990: Tax Forms for Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations are generally tax-exempt and don't need to file revenue forms, but the Internal Revenue Service still requires lots of information — all to be painfully extracted and meticulously [more…]

Building Teams to Self-Manage and Grow

Self-directed teams — sometimes called self-managed teams, empowered work units, or autonomous work teams — function in their truest sense without supervisory authority. Team members are interdependent [more…]

The Birth of the Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The limited liability company (LLC) didn't come out of nowhere. Business entities with the same characteristics as LLCs have been around for many years. The origin of LLCs can be traced back to the Germans [more…]

Knowing When to Follow Up a Sale

In today's market, more and more professional salespeople are practicing aggressive, thorough follow-up methods that even a few years ago would have been considered unnecessary on some of their marginal [more…]

Designing Your Marketing Program

A marketing program is a coordinated, thoughtfully designed set of activities that help you achieve your marketing objectives. Your marketing objectives [more…]

Applying Fundamental Quality Control Concepts

Your organization can implement several fundamental quality control processes to ensure that you produce or deliver a high-quality product or service. The following sections present the information you [more…]

Preparing Your Training Environment

Establishing an environment conducive to learning is a critical aspect of starting a training session off on the right foot. You can ensure that participants walk in to a relaxed atmosphere and an environment [more…]

Installing QuickBooks 2003 in Ten Easy Steps

If you haven't already installed QuickBooks, get it over with right now:

1. Turn on the PC.

Find and flip on the computer's power switch.

If you're installing QuickBooks on a computer running Windows NT, [more…]

Producing Radio Ads to Promote Your Business

In 30 or 60 seconds, a good radio ad grabs attention, involves a listener, sounds believable, creates a mental picture, spins a story, calls for action, and manages to keep the product on center stage [more…]

Preparing for a Virtual Presentation

The key to a successful virtual presentation is the same as the key to a successful face-to-face presentation: preparation. Consider the following guidelines to ensure that you're ready for [more…]

Retrieving QuickBooks 2006 Data You've Backed Up

What happens if you lose all your QuickBooks 2006 data? Okay, you might have one or two problems, but you can probably blame PC gremlins for those. If the disaster that caused you to lose your data also [more…]

Preventing Bar Staff Theft

Theft means stealing, pure and simple. If a dishwasher pockets silverware from the restaurant, that's theft. If a bartender gives a drink away to a customer without ringing it up, that's theft. If a prep [more…]

Understanding Access Levels and Roles in Microsoft CRM

The privileges you are assigned regulate the functions you can perform on particular Records or objects. Your access levels determine which Records these privileges apply to. In other words, although your [more…]

Delegating Effectively

Delegation doesn't just happen. Just like any other task that you perform as a manager, you have to work at it. The six steps to effective delegation are the following: [more…]

Tracing the Roots and Meaning of Six Sigma

The Six Sigma methodology was formalized in the mid-1980s at Motorola. New business and management theories and ideas were combined with basic principles and statistical methods that had existed in quality [more…]

Considering 6 Approaches to Effective Pricing

Pricing is an integral part of the marketing process. The right price can generate more sales; the wrong price can make your potential customers and clients look elsewhere. The following are six of the [more…]

Mastering the Art of Customer Service

Customer service isn't just the job of your customer service department and representatives; it's the job of every employee in your company. And service starts at the highest levels of a company. [more…]

Billing for Your Consulting Services

How you bill your clients for your consulting work depends on your consulting contract or, in the absence of a written contract, any other agreements you may have made regarding billing and payment. If [more…]

Selling Tips: Mastering the Meet and Greet

Your first meeting with a prospective client can set the entire tone for your relationship. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your relationship has a positive start: [more…]

Handling a Grant Rejection Notice

As a grant writer, getting a rejection letter from a funding source after you've shed blood, sweat, and tears researching and writing your grant application can be a big letdown. Besides coping with your [more…]


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