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Detecting Creative Revenue Accounting in Financial Reports

Analyzing financial reports is difficult enough, but the tricks used for reporting revenue add another layer of complexity. You can see through many common creative accounting tactics by carefully analyzing [more…]

Illegal and Inappropriate Interview Questions

Every human resources specialist in America knows that interview questions about sex, religion, and race are against the rules. But other interviewers who don't deal with employment issues on a regular [more…]

Winning Over a Difficult Customer

Service providers who don't learn how to work well with difficult people lose their hair, their marbles, and their customers. The nature of your job requires that you sometimes work with customers who [more…]

Developing Brand Recognition

If someone asks you whether you want a Coke or Pepsi, you immediately know you're being asked about a carbonated cola beverage — with distinct yet subtle differences between the two. Both these major cola [more…]

Developing a Personal Code of Ethics for Consulting

Ethics are important for anyone in business. They're particularly important to consultants because of the high level of trust that organizations grant them and because of the access that many consultants [more…]

Using Audit Trails in QuickBooks

If you decide to allow multiple users access to the QuickBooks data file, you may want to turn on the QuickBooks Audit Trail feature. The Audit Trail feature lets you keep a record of who makes what changes [more…]

India: From Ancient Economy to British Colony

India can lay claim to one of the world's oldest civilizations, and its economic history is truly long and complicated. [more…]

Batch-Printing Invoices with Quickbooks 2006

If you want to print invoices in a batch in QuickBooks 2006, you need to mark the To Be Printed check box that appears in the lower-left corner of the Create Invoices window. This check mark tells QuickBooks [more…]

Recording Your Bills with QuickBooks 2003

When a bill comes in, the first thing to do is record it. You can record bills through the Enter Bills window or the Accounts Payable register. If you plan to track bills by expense and item, you need [more…]

Adding Humor to Training

Thomas Edison once said that he had never worked a day in his life. It was all fun! Wouldn't it be great if you could always say that? Adding humor to your training is one way in which you can add fun [more…]

Avoiding Dreadful Marketing Ideas

The following marketing landmines masquerade as quick fixes. When the business chips are down, each of these worst ideas pops up to look like a good solution. Don't be fooled. Make sure every new idea [more…]

Empowering Employees When Delegating

Delegating, as a coaching tool, is the act of assigning and entrusting assignments and responsibilities to others. Delegating isn't about giving people tasks to do. Tasks are the simple and short-term [more…]

Building a Brand for Market Success

When people hear your name, they conjure up a set of impressions that influence how they think and buy. Those thoughts define your brand.

Your brand resides in your customer's mind as a result of all the [more…]

Getting Paid What You're Worth: Salary Negotiations

Oh happy day. Your interviewer looks you straight in the eye and says, "We'd like you to join our team; I'm offering you a job, but before we go any further, we should talk about how you'd like to be paid [more…]

Uncovering the Many Components of Public Relations

Public relations is more than just pitching stories to the media or mailing out press releases. The PR umbrella covers a number of related activities, all of which are concerned with communicating specific [more…]

Devoting Time to Your eBay Business

So you've decided to get serious about your sales at eBay. Now you have to step up to the plate and decide just how much time you have to devote to your eBay business. [more…]

Expanding Your Concept of Service

Your definition of service shapes every interaction you have with your customers. If you hold the common idea that service is only giving customers what they want, you may well paint yourself into a corner [more…]

Resolving Conflicts on the Team

Conflicts among team members will occur from time to time, and team members may struggle to positively resolve conflicts that arise. Finding out with your team members how best to deal with conflict situations [more…]

Shattering the Myths about Working from Home

Many myths are floating around about home-based businesses. No doubt you've heard some of them. You may even believe some of them. Regardless of what you may or may not have heard, the simple fact is that [more…]

Setting Up a Great Home Office

The following are the essentials of the well-equipped home office:


Converting Your Manual Bookkeeping to a Computerized System

If you're converting a manual bookkeeping system to a computerized system, your conversion will take a bit more time than just starting fresh because you need to be sure your new system starts with information [more…]

Keeping Track of Customer Payments in QuickBooks 2003

If your customers don't always pay you up-front for their purchases, you need to record another type of payment — the ones that customers make to pay off or pay down what you've invoiced them. To record [more…]

Keeping Your Menu Competitive with Well-Timed Updates

Even restaurant franchises change their menus, in large part because of an increasingly savvy dining public. With more people going out to dinner more often, the question isn't [more…]

Taking an Existing Business Online

Planning is everything! You have a much better chance for success when you map out a strategy for selling online than when you just put up a Yahoo! Store and hope to sell something. There are major differences [more…]

Forming a Committee from the Board of Directors

An organization's board of directors is responsible for forming committees when necessary. Committee members must be drawn from the current members of the board itself, so having a talented and diverse [more…]


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