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How to Prepare a Business Thank-You Note

Prepare and send thank-you notes within a day or two of the business interaction. Business-related thank-you notes should be short, gracious, and to the point. Two to three lines is a perfectly acceptable [more…]

How to Address Envelopes for Your Business

Include a printed return address on envelopes for your business that match your business's letterhead. Ideally, the recipient’s address on these envelopes should be typed or printed by a software program [more…]

How to Use High-Tech Gadgets Courteously

How you use high-tech gadgets at your business can reflect on your business courtesy. High-tech-device faux pas in business situations throw politeness out the window [more…]

How to Plan a Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting can be a thankless job. How you plan a business meeting goes unnoticed unless something at the business meeting goes wrong — and that kind of recognition is never good. Plan [more…]

How to Organize a Business Lunch at a Restaurant

You can organize a business meal, especially a business lunch, to be both enjoyable and professional. Organizing a business lunch implies neither the informality of a breakfast meeting nor the formality [more…]

How to Organize a Social Event for Your Business

Planning a business-related social event, whether a weekend picnic or formal business dinner, requires a firm plan that you follow to the letter. Whatever the social event, you can follow the same basic [more…]

How to Make a Toast at a Business Event

Making a toast reflects your esteem for the person that you're toasting. Toasts can be made with wine or any other beverage. Traditionally, you do not toast to yourself, although some people now think [more…]

Making Sense of Business-Dinner Table Settings

The table settings for business dinners can range from a basic table setting to a complex formal-dining table setting. To get your business-dinner table manners up to par, you need to know what table-setting [more…]

Playing Sports as Part of a Business Outing

Playing sports with business clients or business associates comes with business-specific sport-playing etiquette rules. Keep these business-outing sports tips in mind while you enjoy yourself: [more…]

How to Recognize Employee and Client Life Events

All employees and clients experience significant life events, and you should recognize those life events respectfully. Acknowledge these special times with employees and clients, taking into account each [more…]

How to Prepare for a Business Trip

Your business may take you all over the city, country, or world. If you travel for business on a regular basis, you eventually learn what all good travelers learn: On the road, being self-reliant and having [more…]

Etiquette Concerns for European Business Trips

Behaving on a business trip in Europe depends on the part of Europe to which you travel. Some codes of business-trip behavior are shared across Europe: [more…]

Etiquette Concerns for African Business Trips

Parts of Africa have seen tremendous business growth, so you may have an African business trip in your future. Africa is so huge, so diverse, so complicated, and so rich that almost nothing can be said [more…]

How to Make a South African Business Trip Successful

South Africa is the economic hub of Africa, so Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, or Bloemfontein might be one of your business travel destinations. Going on a South African business trip means you need [more…]

How to Conduct Yourself on a Business Trip to the Middle East

In the Middle East, religion plays a significant role, which can have a great impact on your business-trip conduct. Middle East business-trip behavior depends on the country you visit, but here are some [more…]

How to Make a Good Impression on a Business Trip to India

When you take a business trip to such a complex, diverse country as India, consider certain important factors in Indian culture when you’re doing business — among them regionalism, religion, language, [more…]

Watching Your Manners on a Business Trip to China

On a business trip to China, you must deal with language, cultural, and political differences. For a successful Chinese business trip, try to understand and respect Chinese culture while building a relationship [more…]

How to Act with Dignity on a Business Trip to Japan

In Japan, the customs are so strict that a simple mistake on a Japanese business trip can cost you not only the deal, but also your dignity. Japan's major religion is Shinto [more…]

Understanding Business Etiquette in Australia and New Zealand

A business trip to Australia or New Zealand means you need to realize that Australia and New Zealand are distinct countries. An Australian business trip will be casual, like the country. New Zealand, on [more…]

How to Behave on a Business Trip to Latin America

On a business trip to Latin America, remember that Latin American men are in business, and women stay home with the family. A business trip in many locations in Latin America can be jarring, especially [more…]

Your Business's Public Relations Components

The public relations (PR) umbrella at your business covers a number of related activities. All these public relations activities are concerned with communicating specific messages to specific target audiences [more…]

How to Create a Public Relations Plan

When you’re putting together a PR Plan, before you get too broad, you have to be specific. There are some really important things to establish to make sure you’re dealing with reality. First is the budget [more…]

How to Design Creative Public Relations Promotions

You need to promote your public relations plan, which requires some creativity. Make your public-relations promotion tactics as creative, sharp, original, and engaging as possible with these tips: [more…]

Choosing a Public Relations Firm for Your Business

Turn to public relations agencies when you want to get coverage of your business in the media. Public relations firms are public relations specialists. Use a public relations agency if [more…]

How to Create a Profitable Public Relations Program for Your Business

When creating a public relations (PR) program for your business, make that public relations (PR) program as profitable as you can. This PR-program path can get you on your way: [more…]

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