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How to Plan Your Collateral Ad Campaign

Collateral advertising materials are the brochures, mailers, flyers, and newsletters you produce for your business. Although many businesses use collateral materials to introduce a business or product, [more…]

What Is Collateral Advertising?

Collateral advertising has numerous purposes — and the different kinds of collateral advertising at your disposal are numerous as well. You should research carefully, always keeping your advertising budget [more…]

Design Tips for Your Business's Collateral Ad

Collateral advertising pieces often require you to transmit a lot of information in a small space. Add to that a customer who won't give the ad much of his or her time, and it's easy to see how your collateral [more…]

Finding a Direct-Mail House to Send Out Your Collateral Ads

A direct-mail house, which specializes in sending out collateral ads, can get your business's collateral ads to your customers. A direct-mail house's services usually include envelope stuffing, folding [more…]

How to Choose Among Your Outdoor Advertising Options

Outdoor advertising takes on many forms, so your business can choose the option that works best for you. Off-premise outdoor advertising (which encompasses all your advertising that is physically affixed [more…]

How to Design Memorable Outdoor Advertising

The number of options for your outdoor ads may seem overwhelming, but the processes for designing them are identical in most cases. Exactly what makes a great outdoor ad campaign? A dozen advertising experts [more…]

What to Expect from a Web Designer for Your Business Web Site

Not all Web designers are created equal. If you hire a Web designer to create your business's Web site, you want his or her expertise, but you also want your own ideas steering the boat. A good Web designer [more…]

Examining Affiliate-Program Online Advertising

You can advertise your business online via affiliate programs (also known as partnership programs and associate programs). In an online affiliate advertising program, you contract to place ads on other [more…]

Cutting Costs for Your Business's Print Ads

Most print media list the costs for assorted print ad sizes on rate cards. But to calculate the cost of your business's intended print ads, don't rely only on this rate card. It's nothing more than a starting [more…]

How to Purchase Radio Ad Time

You can purchase radio advertising for your small business on the cheap if you just do a little horse-trading. To purchase radio ad time on the radio station you think will best reach your potential customers [more…]

How to Negotiate for Ad Spots with a TV Station

When you have a TV station's advertising proposal in front of you, you may find some points that you want to negotiate. Negotiating doesn't have to be an adversarial process — and it's almost always more [more…]

How to Determine Whether You Need to Hire an Ad Agency

Can an ad agency help your business make your advertisements more effective? You should consider hiring an advertising agency to help with your ads if you're faced with some of these situations: [more…]

How to Motivate Employees with Your Own Attitude

The attitude you adopt at the workplace affects not only you, but also your employees. Choose a positive attitude to motivate your employees. You may not have control over what happens to you, but you [more…]

How to Create a Motivated Workplace

Motivation among employees in the workplace is a curious thing. Employers sometimes have a difficult time defining a motivated workplace, but they have no trouble figuring out when motivation is absent [more…]

How to Establish Ethics in the Workplace

You can establish an ethical workplace environment at your business. Employees look to you when it comes to business ethics as the example of what’s expected: [more…]

How to Avoid Employee Motivation Busters

Don't demotivate your employees! Everyone seems to have an idea about how to motivate employees. But these things never work to motivate employees and almost always, in fact, demotivate: [more…]

How to Introduce a New Employee to Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture means the environment in which your employees spend their time. Introduce your business's corporate culture to a new employee by following these tips, which can help you introduce your [more…]

How to Demonstrate Trust in the Workplace

A base of trust at your business creates a positive workplace environment for employees. As the employer, you need to demonstrate trust in your employees: [more…]

How to Listen to Your Employees

Listen to your employees. If your employees feel you’re not listening, they won’t come to you with feedback, suggestions, or even status reports. Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. They’re [more…]

How to Criticize Employees with Care

Constructive criticism should be an ongoing part of your interaction with employees. When you offer criticism to an employee, remember to keep your criticism strictly professional. Most people know when [more…]

How to Build a Consensus among Your Employees

Build consensus among your employees when you need them to agree on a business issue or solve a business problem. Consensus building among employees doesn't mean stifling viewpoints, initiatives, or alternative [more…]

How to Field Employee Complaints

When you receive complaints from an employee, listen first.. If your employee is complaining about some aspect of the business or workplace, find out why. After you listen, you should also [more…]

How to Encourage Your Employees to Take Smart Risks

If you want a creative, motivated employee workforce, you need to accept some smart risks. An employee's truly innovative idea, although it comes with risk, can spark your team to pursue a new adventure [more…]

How to Counteract the Employee Grapevine

A grapevine exists among your business's employees (every business has an employee grapevine). But you can limit the grapevine's potential for demotivating employees by feeding it accurate information. [more…]

How to Empower Your Employees

Empowerment for your employees involves delegating responsibility with authority. When you empower an employee, you give him or her, the responsibility to make decisions about a project and decide how [more…]

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