By Jeff McCalla, C. C. Edwards

Most functions and commands that you use on the TI-84 Plus are found in the menus housed in the calculator. Following is an overview of how to find and select menu items.

Accessing a TI-84 Plus menu

Each menu has its own key or key combination. For example, to access the Math menu, press [MATH]; to access the Test menu, press [2nd][MATH]. An example of a menu appears in the first screen. This is a picture of the Math menu.

Some menus, such as the Math menu, contain submenus. This is also illustrated in the first screen. This screen shows that the submenus in the Math menu are MATH, NUM, CMPLX, PROB, and FRAC (Math, Number, Complex, Probability, and Fraction). Use the


keys to view the items on the other submenus. This is illustrated in the second and third screens.


Scrolling a TI-84 Plus menu

After the number 9 in the first two screens, a down arrow indicates that more items are available in the menu than appear on-screen. There’s no down arrow after the 4 in the third screen because that menu has exactly four items.

To see menu items that don’t appear on-screen, repeatedly press the down-arrow key:


To get quickly to the bottom of a menu from the top of the menu, press the up-arrow key. Similarly, to quickly get from the bottom to the top, press the down-arrow key.

Selecting TI-84 Plus menu items

To select a menu item from a menu, key in the number (or letter) of the item or use the


keys to highlight the number (or letter) of the item and then press [ENTER].

Some menus, such as the Mode menu shown in the first screen, require that you select an item from a list of items by highlighting that item. The list of items usually appears in a single row and the calculator requires that one item in each row be highlighted.


To highlight an item, use the


keys to place the cursor on the item and then press [ENTER] to highlight the item.

To access Catalog Help, scroll to the menu item you want to use and press [+]. A screen showing the syntax of the command is displayed.