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We were aware of other large corporates targeting the office environment with 'green' messages and we needed an angle that would set our campaign apart. Other companies had taken the approach of chastising office workers for not doing enough. Our approach was more empathetic, realising that efforts to green offices were often hindered by a lack of empowerment or facilities. Green Office Week needed to support and educate office workers to help create a climate for change. A tie-up with the For Dummies brand was the obvious choice to deliver this.

Vanessa Gardner
Managing Director, Footprint Communications

For Dummies books, and mini books, make valued giveaways, gift-with-purchase and customer loyalty gifts. Whether in print or as an e-book, our global team of editorial and marketing experts can help you develop the right promotion from conception and design to timely delivery.

We're flexible and we're experts at putting complex topics into plain English. Want your customers to quickly 'get' your product or service, or give your employees a quick refresher on best practices for your business? Your customised publication can draw from our existing content or be developed independently for your needs. Our Custom Publishing Program has the flexibility to create any size (trim and page count) to meet specific pricing and packaging requirements.

You can include company logos, your own content, company-specific information, a website URL, contact information and phone numbers, your company mission statement . . . in short, pretty much anything and everything you want.

Increasingly, companies and consumers are moving to the Web for sales and promotions. Our Dummies custom team can create digital solutions which will differentiate your products and services from competitors and improve customer experience and loyalty, on and offline, therefore driving sales. A key benefit of custom content is its superior ability to increase natural search referrals on defined keyword search terms. Whether it's a custom e-book or digital content for your website, Dummies B2B can develop a solution for you.

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