Storage Economics For Dummies,
Hitachi Data Systems Edition

Welcome to Storage Economics For Dummies, Hitachi Data Systems Edition. With Storage Economics, you can determine the real cost of the storage infrastructure by understanding that the cost of acquiring assets is just a small percentage of their total cost to own. Storage Economics focuses on measuring the total cost of ownership to align information technology investments with corporate goals.

With this book, you come to understand why price doesn't equal cost, what economically superior solutions can do to help you reduce the total cost of owning storage, and what deployment strategies you can use. You also learn how to evaluate storage system proposals and what key information to provide vendors to assure that their proposals focus on costs important to you. In addition, you find out how to become an economic hero in your own organization.

About Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems provides best-in-class information technologies, services, and solutions that deliver compelling ROI, return on assets, and demonstrable results. Hitachi Data Systems improves IT costs and agility with solutions that are virtualized, automated, cloud-ready, and sustainable. Hitachi Data Systems believes that data drives our world — and information is the new currency. The challenge for global businesses lies in making information both available and secure. Hitachi Data Systems doesn't sell just storage. It provides customers with solutions to make business better on every level. To learn more, visit