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What Is an iPad?

The wait for Apple's iPad is finally over. Apple has rolled out its highly anticipated iPad device — which the company proudly proclaims as its "most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary [more…]

How to Supply Information for Your iPad App to the App Store

Apple is very strict about the App Store. Actually uploading your iPad application to the App Store is pretty easy. The hard part is collecting all the little bits of information about your iPad app that [more…]

How to Avoid Getting Your iPad App Rejected

To avoid having your iPad app rejected by Apple, read the documentation, steer away from Apple trademarks and images, and stay away from content that's questionable in any legal sense. These kinds of things [more…]

Tracking the Success of Your iPad App

The App Store is the place to list your iPad apps. Marketing those apps so that people will buy them, however, is entirely up to you. The App Store is right at your iPad customers' fingertips. [more…]

Using the Nook App for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

Do you want to buy and read books electronically without having to pay hundreds of extra dollars for an e-reader? Consider downloading the free Nook app for either iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. This creation [more…]

When to Use Subclassing in iPhone and iPad Game Development

Subclassing is one of the mechanisms you use to customize behaviors while you develop your iPhone or iPad game. Subclassing involves the following two stages: [more…]

Using Block Objects in iPhone and iPad Game Development

Blocks are an extension of the C language and are fully supported by Objective-C, the underlying programming language for all things Mac. In the new iOS 4, blocks are used more and more instead of [more…]

Building a Game Loop in iPhone and iPad Game Development

A game loop gets your code to update the game world on your iPhone or iPad many times a second — fast enough to make it look like fluid motion to the player. [more…]

iPhone and iPad Game Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

iPad and iPhone game programming requires several special elements. These essential steps give your program the action and interactivity that today's gamers demand, regardless of the platform where they [more…]

Ten Great Free iPad Apps

Want some excellent iPad apps that won't break the bank? These apps can make your iPad even more useful and fun, and they don't cost a thing! [more…]

Ten Great Paid iPad Apps

You can find a ton of iPad apps for sale — so how do you decide which ones are worth your money? These apps definitely give you a good return on your app investment. [more…]

iPad Apps for Dining Out

If you want to go out to eat but don't know the best restaurants, iPad has you covered. These apps can help you find places based on what type of food you want, how much you want to spend, or even what [more…]

Diet & Fitness iPad Apps

Your iPad can help keep you healthy and fit — at least, if you use these apps. From keeping track of what you put into your body to guiding you through a workout routine, these apps can help you stay healthy [more…]

iPad Apps for Finding and Listening to Music

Your iPad comes with the iPod App preinstalled, so you can load up your own tunes and listen to them whenever you want. But if you want access to a broader range of music, here are some iPad apps that [more…]

iPad Reference Apps

Your iPad can become a repository for all kinds of cool and useful information. With these iPad apps installed, you can have everything from the elements in the earth to the stars in the heavens right [more…]

iPad Apps for Facebook

When it comes to social networking, Facebook is king. If you're at all involved in social media or social networking, you've probably tapped into Facebook, and you'll want your iPad to help you make the [more…]

iPad Apps for Twitter

With your iPad, you never have to be away from your tweetstream. Link your Twitter account into your iPad with these apps and you'll always be in touch with your Twitter friends and followers. [more…]

Art and Artistry iPad Apps

If you've always wanted to be an artist, you can find iPad apps that let you do just that. You can also use iPad apps simply to appreciate good works of art. [more…]

Book-Related iPad Apps

Electronic books are quickly rising as the medium of choice for reading, and the iPad is there let you into the world of e-books. The book-related iPad apps discussed below can keep your [more…]

iPad Apps for Business

Your iPad can become a powerful business tool. With the right iPad apps in place, you can create business presentations, work with and share business documents and spreadsheets, and even make yourself [more…]

iPad Apps to Keep You Entertained

The entertainment iPad apps deal with movies, TV, and music, and they include all kinds of fun-to-play with interactive apps. Whether you're interested in the entertainment industry or just entertaining [more…]

iPad Apps for Tracking Your Finances

The iPad allows you to keep on top of your finances, even on the go. A variety of apps can help you manage your money and monitor your income, expenses, and investments. [more…]

Cooking & Nutrition iPad Apps

Foodies have an ally in the iPad — these apps give you great recipes, food-shopping help, and how-to information. One iPad app can even help you create cocktails to go with your feast. [more…]

iPad Game Apps

iPad game apps make sure you're never bored. You can test your gaming skills by using iPad apps for just about every kind of game — pool, car racing, crosswords, and many more! [more…]

iPad Healthcare Apps

Your iPad can help keep you and your family healthy — at least, if you use these apps. From diagnosing medical issues to checking your vision, you can use these apps to improve the quality of your life [more…]

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