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Dealing with Drop-Shippers in Your eBay Business

A drop-shipper is a business that stocks merchandise and sells it to you (the reseller) — but ships the merchandise directly to your customer.

By using a drop-shipper, you transfer the risks of buying merchandise [more…]

Setting Up Your PayPal Account and Profile

You start setting up your PayPal profile during the process of registering for a PayPal account. Open up your browser and type www.paypal.com into the Address Bar. The PayPal home page has multiple links [more…]

How Do Buyers and Sellers Use eCheck?

eChecks are the digital counterpoints of the pieces of paper found in a checkbook. Buyers and sellers pay and get paid by eCheck in electronic transactions similar to tradtional banking. [more…]

Why You Should Add PayPal to Your Web Site

If you think PayPal is just for eBay sales, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to get revenue (or more revenue) from your Web site. If you're not already selling products from your Web site [more…]

Examining the Internet's Many Uses

The Internet is unlike all the other communications media anyone has ever encountered. People of all ages, colors, creeds, and countries freely share ideas, stories, data, opinions, and products. Increasingly [more…]

Placing Photos Inline with Your Text

Buyers love seeing pictures of the products in your auctions. That's why eBay lets you add a free picture to every auction you post. Of course, eBay also offers you the [more…]

Finding Out How PayPal Works

Like many great ideas, the fundamentals of PayPal are pretty easy to grasp. Your PayPal account is much like any savings or checking account, except PayPal was designed specifically for online transactions [more…]

Devoting Time to Your eBay Business

So you've decided to get serious about your sales at eBay. Now you have to step up to the plate and decide just how much time you have to devote to your eBay business. [more…]

Outsmarting the Competition on eBay

You're not a loser if you lost at eBay. You just don't know the fine art of sneaky bidding, otherwise known as educatedbidding. Sports teams study their rivals, and political candidates scout out what [more…]

Cool eBay Tools for Sellers

eBay provides some smooth management tools on your Selling page. You can track items you currently have up for auction and items you've sold. It's a quick way to get a snapshot of the dollar value of your [more…]

Adding Profits with the Affiliate Program

The eBay Affiliate Program is a plan by which eBay pays you to help it get new members and drive traffic to otherpeople's auctions. Sounds strange, but consider that you don't handle products, you don't [more…]

Draw Attention to Your eBay Auction

When you list something for sale on eBay, you want to make sure that your auction attracts as much interest — and possible buyers — as possible. Showcase your eBay auctions and your Web store operations [more…]

Writing an eBay Listing Title That Sells

Your title is (next to your Gallery image) the most important way to draw people to your listing. eBay buyers are search-engine-driven — they find most of their items by typing selected keywords into the [more…]

Succeeding by Sniping on eBay

Sniping is the fine art of outbidding your competition in the last seconds of the auction — without leaving them enough time to place a defensive bid.

Bidders [more…]

Hot Tips for Steaming Clothes to Sell on eBay

Keep these tips in mind when steaming the clothes you're getting ready to sell on eBay: [more…]

Adding Some Bells and Whistles to Your eBay Listing

Any extras that you add to your eBay listings have some looming pitfalls. The first is that the more complexity you introduce in your listings, the greater the potential for a problem with the page displaying [more…]

Watching Out for eBay Trading Violations

Both buyers and sellers can commit trading violations by attempting to manipulate the outcome of an auction or sale. Many of the violations aren't necessarily buyer- or seller-exclusive but apply to both [more…]

Designing a Fine eBay Listing

Looking for the inside scoop on putting together the "perfect" listing for your online auctions? You're in the right place with this lot of sure-fire design ideas. [more…]

Tuning Into Types of eBay Auctions

An auction is an auction is an auction, right? Wrong! eBay has five types of auctions for your selling pleasure. Most of the time you'll run traditional auctions, but other auctions have their place, too [more…]

Selling Your Talent via eBay

If you're talented in any way, you can sell your services on eBay. Home artisans, chefs, and even stay-at-home psychics are transacting business daily on the site. What a great way to make money on eBay [more…]

Leaving eBay Feedback with Finesse

Believe it or not, writing feedback well takes some practice. It isn't a matter of saying things; it's a matter of saying only the appropriate things. Think carefully about what you want to say because [more…]

Routing Your Online Purchase Complaints to the Right People

You made your purchase from a Web site. The treasure arrives at your door. You open it up and — there's a problem. It may not be what you ordered — it's the wrong size, color, or item. Or worse yet, you [more…]

Using eBay to Find Outdoor Supplies on the Cheap

Getting into the swing of summer happening is a cinch at eBay. You can always find great bargains on pool supplies, patio furniture, and (especially in the winter) patio heaters. Prices — even including [more…]

Avoiding Mistakes with Your Web Store

Web store owners sometimes make mistakes and fall into traps when they're designing or maintaining their Web stores. Here are some major stumbles to avoid as you build and take care of your online business [more…]

Finding Out about an eBay Item's Bid History

The bidding history, shown on the eBay auction item page, lists everybody who is bidding on an item. You can see how often and at what time bids are placed, but you can't see [more…]

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