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Fantasy Football Terms You Need to Know

Like the rest of the sports world, fantasy football has a lingo all its own. The slang terms are all fairly easy to grasp and fun to use, so don't be scared off! The following list will help you get a good feel for these fantasy football terms [more…]


How the Football Season Is Set Up

The American football season is different for high school, college, and pro teams. Teams at every level play during a standard season and are governed by various football leagues, such as the NFL and NCAA. [more…]


Football Coaching Geared to Kids of Different Ages

Part of your football coaching responsibility is knowing and understanding what to expect — both physically and emotionally — from youngsters who play the game at a particular age level. [more…]

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Understanding American Football's Downs, Yardage, and Stuff

The down system in American football keeps the game interesting. After all, if the offense kept running plays but never got anywhere, the sport would be really boring. Using the down system, the offense [more…]


Choosing a Formation in Soccer

Formations are the way a soccer team lines up its defense, midfield, and forward line at the beginning of the match. If you want to get technical, you could produce dozens of formations due to the mathematical [more…]


The Lines and Dimensions of a Basketball Court

A basketball court has symmetry; one half of the court is a mirror image of the other. The entire basketball court (see Figure 1) is 94 feet by 50 feet. On each half-court, painted lines show the [more…]


Choosing a Tennis Racquet

Yes, you can dust off that racquet that you played with five years ago and give it a glorious return to the court — if it feels good in your hand and it gets your shots where [more…]

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Filleting Your Fish

It takes a certain amount of touch to fillet a fish, but expending a little more effort at the cleaning stage is worth it because it means no bones at the eating stage. When you get the hang of filleting [more…]

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