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Free Software: Migrating Your Mail to Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a great (and free!) e-mail program that offers you much better security than programs like Microsoft Outlook. Because Thunderbird doesn't allow scripts to run automatically, attachments [more…]

Creating a Report with Crystal Reports 10

When you start Crystal Reports 10, generally you want to do one of three things: create a report, modify a report, or run a report against the data in your database. Reports take data from a database, [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Objects in Your Digital Photos

You can easily remove a piece of content (an object, background, or unlikable person) from a digital photo by using your image-editing program. You can replace that removed piece, and no one can even tell [more…]

Restoring a Backup in Norton Ghost

You know all the grousing you do about having to back up your data? Well, if all your folders and files suddenly disappear from your drive, you won't need to stress because you can restore it all with [more…]

Crystal Reports 10: Understanding Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

The primary purpose for a report is to present database data to users in a form that's easy to understand. Crystal Reports gives you all the tools you need to do that. Sometimes, however, you want a report [more…]

Creating a Rule in Lotus Notes 6

A rule tells Notes what to do with certain incoming messages. For example, you could have a rule that always puts messages with a certain word in the subject field in a certain folder, or a rule that moves [more…]

Free Software: Image-Editing with GIMP

GIMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, has all the major features of Adobe Photoshop but is available for free under the GNU General Public License. With the GIMP, you can create or open [more…]

Setting Up Norton Parental Control

Child safety is a big issue anywhere, but the online world presents special challenges in the form of virtual bogeymen, pitfalls, and the kind of Web sites that can fluster or enrage a mature adult. Parental [more…]

Crystal Reports 10: Adding a Hyperlink to a Report

One of the most valuable features of Web-based content is the capability to quickly move between pages by using hyperlinks. By clicking a hyperlink associated with a word, a phrase, or an image, you can [more…]

Placing Charts in Excel

In Excel, making charts is most of the work, but that's not all of it. You still have to decide where to put the charts. First, you need to figure out whether to put a chart on a separate chart sheet. [more…]

How to Blur a Digital Photo in Your Image Editor

You can blur parts of a digital image in most image-editing programs. Blurring reduces the color and brightness differences between pixels to make them similar. You might want to apply a blur to the background [more…]

PowerPoint 2007 Line Spacing and Alignment

Efficient use of line spacing is one of the most neglected options in PowerPoint 2007 presentations, but it's one of the easiest to manage. (Line spacing [more…]

Running Norton's One Button Checkup

Norton SystemWorks and its Norton Utilities tools work something like a PC emergency room and triage center trying to identify and fix the things that go bump and beep on your system. But what if you just [more…]

Reusing Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Among the fascinating features in PowerPoint 2007 is the option that enables you to reuse slides from old presentations. The Reuse Slides feature also lets you [more…]

Creating a Basic Spreadsheet Formula in WordPerfect Office 2002

You can enter formulas in two ways in WordPerfect: Type the formula directly into the cell, or use a combination type-and-click approach. The following sections give you the lowdown on both methods, plus [more…]

Customizing the Lotus Notes Welcome Page

When you start Lotus Notes 6, you see the Welcome Page. What you see there is determined by a few things. For example, although you can change the Welcome Page layout and contents, you should also know [more…]

Sprucing Up Your Messages with Lotus Notes 6

Before dispatching an e-mail message in Lotus Notes 6, you can define Delivery Options, Security Options, and Mood Stamps. Use these Notes cues to let your recipient know just how hot your message is or [more…]

Knowing How Crystal Xcelsius Works

In a nutshell, Crystal Xcelsius imports a snapshot of your Excel file, allows you to build a visual model by tying components to your data, compiles your final dashboard to a Flash SWF file, and then publishes [more…]

Scheduling a Meeting with Lotus Notes 6

To create a new Meeting, first open your Calendar and then click the Schedule a Meeting button on the Action bar. A blank Meeting form appears. In Figure 1, you can see a sample Meeting form. [more…]

Adding Borders and Backgrounds in WordPerfect 11

For some reason, nothing looks as neat as having a nice fancy border around your text. At least, that's what the folks at WordPerfect must believe, because their border features are yet another case of [more…]

Working with Templates in WordPerfect 12

Templates are prototypes for different types of documents. Templates are sort of like blank forms. They don't necessarily contain text, though. A template might contain only a collection of the particular [more…]

How to Remove Blemishes from Your Digital Photos with Your Image Editor

If your digital image contains little marks (called artifacts) or your subject has an unsightly pimple, you can easily remove them with your image editor’s Brush or Pencil tool. Painting or drawing over [more…]

Defining Excel Dashboards and Reports

In Microsoft Excel 2007, it isn't difficult to use reportand dashboard interchangeably. Often, reports are referred to as dashboards just because they included a few charts. Likewise, many dashboards have [more…]

Numbering Pages in WordPerfect 11

Few things are more annoying than a sheaf of pages with no page numbers that have gotten (or may have gotten) out of order. Don't look like a schnook; number your pages. [more…]

How to Sharpen Your Digital Photo in Image-Editing Software

Use your image-editing program’s Sharpen tool, if it has one, to “paint” sharpness in only those places in your digital photo where you want things to look clearer or crisper. To use a Sharpen tool in [more…]

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