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How to Use a Board to Analyze Competitive Intelligence in a Small Business

If your business has enough personnel to form a competitive intelligence team, the team can work together to collect and analyze data. If you’re running a small business, however, you may not have enough [more…]

Small/Home Business

How to Recruit Intel Agents for Competitive Intelligence in a Small Business

Major corporations are likely to have a formal competitive intelligence department complete with a director, data-entry personnel, and one or more dedicated analysts, but you don’t need a separate CI department [more…]

Small/Home Business

How to Use MBA Teams for Competitive Intelligence Target Studies

College students enrolled in masters of business administration (MBA) degree programs are eager for real-world experience in competitive intelligence and problem solving. You can help provide them with [more…]

Small/Home Business

How to Apply Ethics to the Three Competitive Intelligence Categories

Although you don’t want to cloud your competitive intelligence ethical standards with situational thinking (that is, letting the circumstances guide what you deem appropriate), you and others in your organization [more…]

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How to Find Partners to Run a Bar

You have to decide to run a bar; you have to decide whether it’s worth it to you to share your dream to make it come true. Having a partner is like getting married. You must love [more…]