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Finding a Job

Ten Ways to Network for a New Job

Job search advisors everywhere report that the most reliable way to get a new job is to expand your network of contacts. Those contacts can give you the inside track to newly opened jobs that are not yet advertised or posted on Internet job boards. You're not cheating when you use your network to find a job; you're smart! [more…]

Finding a Job

How Online Screening Techniques Affect Your Job Search

Your targeted resume may be screened out if an employer’s online screening program decides that you aren’t qualified for the position. Online screening software has the first word about who is admitted for a closer look and who isn’t. [more…]

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Managing Employees

Boosting Performance at Work

If you want to be productive and boost your performance at work, take a look at these three simple things below that you can focus on. Paying attention to these three areas will have a big impact on your [more…]

Managing Employees

The Essential Kit for a Budding Productivity Geek

If you’re serious about getting organised, you will need to invest in some basics tools for your productivity toolkit. Your productivity toolkit consists of all the things that you will use daily to keep [more…]

Managing Employees

Daily Habits for Powerful Productivity

You may think that the daily habits for powerful productivity are all about scheduling and to-do lists. You may be surprised to know that some of the things that will have the biggest impact on your performance [more…]

Productivity For Dummies Extras

Productivity For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Wouldn’t it be nice to boost your productivity and performance at work without having to put in extra hours or break your back in the meantime? Being effective at what you do takes a little bit of planning [more…]

Productivity For Dummies Extras

5 Steps to Organise Your Workspace for Productivity

It’s difficult to work productively if your workspace is cluttered and disorganised. Take some time to get organised and you will be better able to focus and get things done. Follow the steps below to [more…]

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