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How to Add Contacts from Texts with Galaxy S 4

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 intelligently integrates all your contact information in one place. If anyone new contacts you via a call, text, or e-mail, the S 4 makes it easy to add the new information to an [more…]

How to Buy Books from the Google Play Store

Many people are fans of e-commerce, which is a fancy way of saying going shopping on the Internet. You can find a greater variety of selections of things you want than at most stores in your neighborhood [more…]

How to Access Pandora Internet Radio with Your Galaxy S 4

Internet radio applications are a great way to play music. One of the more popular Internet radio stations is Pandora. Even if you live in a big city and have a full dial of broadcast radio stations, the [more…]

How to Add a Security App to Your Galaxy S 4

If you are going to use productivity apps on your Galaxy S 4, it can’t hurt to start a little early by adding a security app, in this case, NQ Mobile. You can get some of these services for free, but you [more…]

Ten Things the Galaxy S 4 Offers That S III Does Not

The Samsung Galaxy S III is a great phone, but the Galaxy S 4 is better. Here are ten reasons why. Some of these are critically important. Others are kind of gimmicky, but cool nonetheless. [more…]

Galaxy S 4: Change Settings on S-Voice

S-Voice is a voice app on your Galaxy S 4 that can help you dictate and perform other useful functions. As shown in this figure, you can change many settings on S-Voice. Here are a couple options explained [more…]

Protect Your Galaxy S 4 with a Good Case and Screen Cover

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is sleek and beautiful even without a good case. Plus, the front is made of Gorilla Glass from Corning. This stuff is durable and scratch resistant. [more…]

Put a Screen Lock on Your Galaxy S 4

The most basic effort you can take to protect your Galaxy S 4 is to put some kind of a screen lock on your phone. If you are connected to a corporate network, they may have a policy on what you must do [more…]

Galaxy S 4: Prepare for Screen Lock

Regardless of what screen lock you choose for your Galaxy S 4 (you have seven different screen lock options, as well as the more involved process of encrypting your device), it's recommend that you have [more…]

Select a Screen Lock Option for Your Galaxy S 4

The first option for unlocking your Galaxy S 4, unlocking your phone with a swipe, fools exactly no one and doesn't slow anyone down. Rather than just having the Home screen appear, your phone tells you [more…]

Encrypt Your Samsung Galaxy S 4

Besides implementing a screen lock, this is the other option for protecting your Galaxy S 4. This is an exceptionally secure option: It scrambles every file on your phone into gibberish, which it rapidly [more…]

Be Careful with Bluetooth on Your Galaxy S 4

Perhaps the greatest vulnerability your Galaxy S 4 phone faces is called bluejacking, which involves using some simple tricks to gain access to your phone via Bluetooth. [more…]

Protect Your Galaxy S 4 against Malware

Malware is always present in the form of apps for the Galaxy S 4. One of the main attractions for application developers to write apps for Android is that Google doesn’t have an onerous preapproval process [more…]

Apps to Find Your Galaxy S 4 When It Gets Lost

Putting a message on the Lock Screen of your Galaxy S 4 is one good idea in case you lost your phone. There are also options that allow you to be more proactive than waiting for a Good Samaritan to reach [more…]

Wipe Your Lost Galaxy S 4 Clean

As a last ditch security option if your phone has been lost, you can wipe your Galaxy S 4 clean by using Mobile Management Software (MMS). MMS software can remotely disable your device or wipe it clean [more…]

Ten Ways to Make Your Galaxy S 4 Secure

Back in the "old" days, it sure was frustrating to have your regular feature phone lost or stolen. You would lose all your contacts, call history, and texts. Even if you backed up all of your contacts, [more…]

Maximize Shortcuts on Your Galaxy S 4

You won’t spend much time there, but your extended Home screen is critical to your experience with your phone. Ideally, it's where you keep the shortcuts to the places you want to go most frequently with [more…]

Track Health and Fitness on Your Galaxy S 4

In addition to the Bluetooth-connected time-pieces your Galaxy S 4 offers, you can use a variety of sensors, or even wear them on your body, to track various metrics. Examples include your heart rate, [more…]

Buddy Photo-Sharing on the Galaxy S 4

Your Galaxy S 4 phone is so smart, it learns what you look like. In order to share photos with your friends, it does not stop there. It can learn what all your friends look like, too. [more…]

Car Docking Stations for Galaxy S 4

Your Galaxy S 4 smart phone has all those great navigation tools. You can use them in your car by putting your phone on the seat next to you, but that's for amateurs. [more…]

Seven Ways to Customize Your Galaxy S 4

A smartphone like the Galaxy S 4 is a very personal device that is extremely customizable. From the moment you take it out of the box and strip off the packaging, you begin to make it yours. By the end [more…]

S-Voice on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

S-Voice, an app that comes with your computer, can handle some basic functions on your phone, including making a phone call, sending an e-mail or a text, searching the Internet, or even updating your Facebook [more…]

Dictate to S-Voice on Your Galaxy S 4

The list of things you can do with S-Voice on your Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone includes a pretty long list of the primary capabilities, including sending texts and searching the web. [more…]

Galaxy S 4: Update Facebook with S-Voice

Of course, nothing really happens in today’s world unless it exists on Facebook. S-Voice on your Galaxy S 4 gives you the tools to update your status without going to the trouble of using your keyboard [more…]

Recover a Lost Galaxy S 4 with Your Contact Number

Here's why putting your contact number on the screensaver of your Galaxy S 4 can help you recover your phone if lost. If you have ever found a lost phone, you are faced with a dilemma. If the screen is [more…]


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