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Clipping Your Cat's Claws

The hardest part of clipping your cat's claws is getting your cat to cooperate. Sometimes this task requires a tremendous amount of patience. But remember, if you get only one claw done a night, don't worry about it, because you can get through them all soon enough. [more…]


Maintaining the Perfect Cat Diet

A lot of different elements (about 60) go into keeping your pet healthy, all working together to keep his body working as it should be. These nutrients each play a role, and although some seem to have a bigger part than others, in keeping your cat's body functioning. [more…]

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The Long and the Short of Coat Styles for Your Yorkshire Terrier

Just because many standard photos of Yorkies show the long hair and top knot (tied with a bow) doesn't mean that that's the only acceptable coat style. It's not. In fact, any clean, brushed Yorkie is a [more…]


Dealing with Your Dog's Digestive Dilemmas

Your dog's digestive system is an amazing mechanism that takes in food, grinds it up, and converts it to nutrients that can be absorbed and used by your dog's body. The digestive tract converts food into [more…]


Knowing What an Ideal Yorkshire Terrier Looks Like

The first Yorkshire terriers were brought to the United States in the early 1870s, and they came as parlor dogs — companions to the wealthy families that were so keen on them. Their popularity slowly grew [more…]

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Identifying Horse Parts and Markings

If you hang around a stable for any length of time, you'll notice that horse people have a language all their own. This language — which sounds like a foreign tongue to the uninitiated — is what horse [more…]


Grooming Your Dog's Hair with a Clipping

Before you cut your first dog hair, make sure you treat your dog safely and plan how you're going to clip her. Your dog needs to be clean and have all mats and tangles brushed out of her coat before you [more…]

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