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How Penny Stocks Are Affected by Trends

The penny stock market is filled with trends, which are swirling all around you right now. These trends come in all shapes and sizes — you can find trends in social choices, consumer behaviors, and even [more…]

Penny Stock Misconceptions

Unfortunately, traders are prone to a number of misconceptions about penny stocks. Knowing and understanding these misconceptions can help you make the most of your investment and avoid unnecessary risk [more…]

Why People Invest in Penny Stock

The number-one reason people get involved in penny stocks is to get rich quick. They have a few hundred dollars, which they need to turn into several million before the weekend so they can buy a yacht [more…]

Are Penny Stocks Right For You?

Penny stocks appeal to millions of investors or potential investors. Low-priced shares have probably caught your attention, too. Take a moment to consider if trading penny stocks is actually appropriate [more…]

Influential Factors for Penny Stock Company Exchange Listings

The majority of publicly traded companies, and certainly all the more serious and professional ones, have a listing on a stock exchange. Before they trade, however, or before they work to move from one [more…]

Why Penny Stock Companies Issue Shares

The main benefit of issuing shares in penny stocks and being listed on a stock market is that it makes raising money easier. A company may start off with an initial public offering [more…]

What Penny Stock Investors Should Know About Dilution

Penny stock investors will often hear the term dilutionand assume the worst. Dilution is often viewed as a negative thing for an investment, but like most things in the stock market, it is a little more [more…]

New Penny Stock Shares: Good or Bad?

It can be difficult to determine the meaning behind trends in penny stocks. If your company is increasing shares, should you sell or is this the sign of an expanding company? [more…]

Penny Stock Buybacks

A stock buyback takes place when a company buys back its shares on the open market and subsequently cancels, or eliminates, those shares. Any penny stock acquired in this fashion is thereby removed from [more…]

Penny Stock Company Acquisitions and Takeovers

Other companies acquire penny stock companies quite often. Regardless of the effect this activity has on the share prices in the long run, the acquisition is usually detrimental to the stock of the buyer [more…]

Which Penny Stock Companies Are Takeover Targets

Not all penny stocks are appropriate takeover targets. When a corporation is assessing specific companies for potential acquisition, it considers several factors. Although predicting any potential takeover [more…]

Penny Stock Mergers and Amalgamations

Penny stock companies can merge together, or “amalgamate,” which simply involves becoming one entity. They may combine employees, facilities, executives, and products, and potentially benefit from the [more…]

Penny Stock Bankruptcies

When a penny stock company goes bankrupt, its shares typically are eventually cancelled and become worthless. Any remaining assets are sold to pay back the banks and other creditors. But after the bankruptcy [more…]

Why Penny Stocks Are Perfect for Price Manipulation

Penny stocks are a perfect vehicle for any number of traders, scam artists, or promoters to profit by artificially moving the price of shares. The majority of victims of these activities are ill-informed [more…]

Who Is Moving the Penny Stock Price?

The share price of a penny stock company should change based on the expectations shareholders and potential investors have for the operational results. Unfortunately, with lower-priced, thinly traded penny [more…]

How to Identify Poor Quality Penny Stock Companies

With lower-priced shares, the proportion of lower-quality penny stock companies is greater than compared to high-priced and blue-chip stocks. And although the winners among penny stocks could produce gains [more…]

Penny Stock Obstacles

Even if a penny stock you’re interested in is in the top 5 percent in terms of quality, it may still face obstacles simply due to its size. Several factors can easily derail smaller businesses, and anyone [more…]

How to Recover From a Failing Penny Stock

Recovering from a bust is possible. Even after you become an excellent penny stock investor and you continually uncover the best low-priced shares in the greatest up-and-coming companies, you will encounter [more…]

What You Need Before Your First Penny Stock Trade

Penny stocks don’t necessarily require expert trading knowledge, but you will need some essentials. Before you can buy your first penny stock, you need to take care of a few details: [more…]

How to Choose a Great Penny Stock Broker

If you want to do well in penny stocks, start with a great penny stock broker. Before the Internet dramatically changed the investment landscape, almost all stockbrokers were considered [more…]

Characteristics of a Successful Penny Stock Trader

Penny stocks differ from larger equities or blue-chip stocks. To achieve success with these low-priced shares, you need a special mind-set. Effective penny traders tend to have many of the following characteristics [more…]

Penny Stock Investments versus Trades

You should be aware that the terms investing and trading describe two different types of approaches. With penny stocks, the two approaches and likely their results, can be very different. [more…]

Due Diligence for Your Penny Stock

Due diligence involves assessing timely and reliable information about a penny stock company in order to make judgments about the potential future share price — from which you hope to profit. It stands [more…]

What to Do with Corporate and Analyst Guidance for Your Penny Stock

Guidance numbers are simply projections of the range of expected penny stock financial results, such as sales between $1.2 to $1.4 million for Q3. The most popular guidance numbers involve earnings per [more…]

How Expectations Drive Penny Stock Prices

Companies grow as they increase their sales and profits; when a penny stock company grows, its stock price will often increase. But the relationship between a company’s growth and rising stock prices isn’t [more…]

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