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What is is a mobile application that creates instant music videos. This free app is fun and easy to use, and lets you share your short music videos. [more…]

Recording Music

How to Use the AutoRap App

The AutoRap application is packed full of cool features. The menu bar along the bottom of every screen provides the tool you need to navigate the application. Each screen has a specific use. The application [more…]

Recording Music

What is the AutoRap App?

AutoRap is a mobile application designed to auto-tune your voice to music. Because of the application’s nature, the majority of available musical content is rap and hip-hop. The folks at [more…]

Jazz & Blues

The Power of Slide Guitar

Slide guitar is an important addition to blues-guitar technique. In playing slide, you don't use your left hand to fret the guitar by pressing the strings to the fretboard, as you normally do. Instead, [more…]

Getting Started

10 Great Songs for Beginning Guitarists

One of the best reasons to pick up the guitar is to play a song that most everyone knows and can sing along with. Following are ten songs that are ideal for playing and singing, either alone or with other [more…]