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Attempting More Complex Chords on the Ukulele

Once you have a basic knowledge and proficiency on the ukulele, you will probably want to attempt more complex chords. Generally speaking, major, minor and seven chords each have their own distinct characteristics [more…]

Ukulele For Dummies Extras

Suspending and Diminishing Chords on the Ukulele

Looking for something a bit more interesting than the usual major and minor chords? On the ukulele, you can do that using jazzy, dissonant diminished chords or with mysterious suspended chords. [more…]

Ukulele For Dummies Extras

Extending Ukulele Chords

Jazz musicians are notoriously restless and they aren’t content with chords containing only three and four notes on the ukulele; they love to add colour and variety and use extended chords with five notes [more…]

Ukulele For Dummies Extras

Augmenting Chords on the Ukulele

An altered chord is one in which one of the notes has been moved up or down one fret on the ukulele. The most common altered chord is the augmented chord. These are represented with the shortened form [more…]

Ukulele For Dummies Extras

10 Famous Ukulele Lovers

Being a very accessible instrument, the ukulele isn’t just a hit with professional musicians. There are plenty of amateur musicians who have become ukulele evangelists. Here are some of the world’s most [more…]