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Buying a Ukulele

Buying a ukulele in a shop used to be a very dispiriting experience. You’d see walls packed with guitars and a couple of ukuleles collecting dust in the corner. Fortunately, that situation is slowly changing. But you can still find a much wider and better ukulele selection online. [more…]


How to Maintain Your Ukulele

Playing your ukulele regularly is the best thing you can do to keep it in good shape. Ukuleles are meant to be played, and a good uke opens up (sounds better) the more you play it. That said, to keep your uke sounding good, a certain amount of care and maintenance is required. [more…]

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Coloring Mandalas For Dummies Extras

What Are Mandalas?

In the trend of coloring as a form of relaxation, one of the most popular types of patterns to color is the mandala. Mandalas are usually circular geometric patterns. Some people find the drawing and coloring [more…]

Coloring Mandalas For Dummies Extras

5 Mandalas to Color

Here, you’ll find five downloadable mandalas to color. You can color the more basic images with less detail with crayons or markers, but the incredibly detailed mandalas might require a steady hand and [more…]

Guitar Notation

Notes on the Neck of a Guitar

The following neck diagram shows the notes for all the frets on the guitar up to and including the 12th fret. Use this diagram to find individual notes on the guitar or to transpose any movable chord or [more…]

Guitar Types, Amplifiers and Accessories

Essential Guitar Tools and Accessories

Following is a list of 12 essential tools and accessories that will help you keep your fingers and your guitar in tip-top shape and in good working order and provide you with the hardware to create a variety [more…]


24 Common Guitar Chords for Different Music Styles

The following figure shows 24 common, easy-to-play guitar chords that you can use in many different songs in a variety of styles — including folk, country, rock, and blues. Left-hand fingerings appear [more…]

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