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Buying a Ukulele

Buying a ukulele in a shop used to be a very dispiriting experience. You’d see walls packed with guitars and a couple of ukuleles collecting dust in the corner. Fortunately, that situation is slowly changing. But you can still find a much wider and better ukulele selection online. [more…]


How to Maintain Your Ukulele

Playing your ukulele regularly is the best thing you can do to keep it in good shape. Ukuleles are meant to be played, and a good uke opens up (sounds better) the more you play it. That said, to keep your uke sounding good, a certain amount of care and maintenance is required. [more…]

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Meet the Classical Orchestra

Let’s meet the Classical orchestra. It’s the big night: You show up at the concert hall. But holy smokes, there are almost 100 people up on that stage. Here’s what they’re playing: [more…]


Timeline of Classical Music

You may think that nobody writes classical music anymore — but they do! New “classical music” is being written all the time. Here are some of the most famous pieces of orchestral music, along with rough [more…]

Classical Music For Dummies Extras

Classical Music For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The world of classical music becomes quite a bit less mysterious when you know the names and functions of all the musical instruments, and a basic timeline of the music itself. This Cheat Sheet can help [more…]

Classical Music For Dummies Extras

How the Classical Concert Experience Is Changing (and How You Can Expect It to Change Still Further)

The orchestra world is a slowly evolving beast. At its heart, a classical concert is the same animal that your grandparents may recognize. However, the past two decades have seen developments that have [more…]

Classical Music For Dummies Extras

What It Takes to Send a Classical Orchestra on Tour

Nearly every classical orchestra belongs to one particular city — and as such, it spends the vast majority of its season performing for people in that community. But now and then, an orchestra gets the [more…]

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