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Buying a Ukulele

Buying a ukulele in a shop used to be a very dispiriting experience. You’d see walls packed with guitars and a couple of ukuleles collecting dust in the corner. Fortunately, that situation is slowly changing. But you can still find a much wider and better ukulele selection online. [more…]


How to Maintain Your Ukulele

Playing your ukulele regularly is the best thing you can do to keep it in good shape. Ukuleles are meant to be played, and a good uke opens up (sounds better) the more you play it. That said, to keep your uke sounding good, a certain amount of care and maintenance is required. [more…]

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Jazz & Blues

The Power of Slide Guitar

Slide guitar is an important addition to blues-guitar technique. In playing slide, you don't use your left hand to fret the guitar by pressing the strings to the fretboard, as you normally do. Instead, [more…]

Getting Started

10 Great Songs for Beginning Guitarists

One of the best reasons to pick up the guitar is to play a song that most everyone knows and can sing along with. Following are ten songs that are ideal for playing and singing, either alone or with other [more…]


10 (Or So) Guitarists You Should Know

Regardless of style, certain guitarists have made their mark on the world of guitar so that any guitarist who comes along after them has a hard time escaping their legacy. Presented here, in chronological [more…]


How to Protect Your Guitar

If you need to take your guitar out into the world that requires protection, as you discover here. Never leave the house without putting the guitar in some kind of protective case. [more…]


How to Tighten Loose Connections on Your Guitar

A guitar is a system of moving parts, many of which are mechanical, and as anyone who's ever owned a car can attest, moving things come loose. In guitars, the hardware connections are what typically work [more…]