Digital solutions that differentiate products and services from competitors

Whether it is a mobile application which uses the For Dummies style to deliver your message on a mobile phone, custom audio guides for a MP3 player or a video showing how to use your product, we can help you reach your customers in innovative ways which will help to drive your business.


Audio how-to guides can be delivered directly to your customers' audio device. These can be branded as For Dummies expert audio and created to suit your customers by including tailored information about your product or business.


Video content is highly ranked by search engines and more accessible than ever thanks to the recent massive expansion of broadband. Video is also an exciting way to bring your product to life and improve customer experience.

Our video production team can create custom video in the For Dummies style which will demonstrate your product or communicate your brand message. Of course, we also have a deep collection of For Dummies how-to videos which can be used to make your website more compelling.

Download this helpful guide on For Dummies Custom Publishing.