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Project 2016

How to Modify Gridlines in Project 2016

Several views in Project 2016 include gridlines to indicate certain elements, such as a break between weeks or the status date (that is, the date to which progress has been tracked on a project). These [more…]

Project 2016

10 Cool Shortcuts in Project 2016

Here, you learn ten cool shortcuts that can help you handle Project 2016 like a pro. You'll become so adept at using Project 2016 that your fingers will seem to fly over the keyboard. [more…]

Project 2016

10 Golden Rules of Project Management

As you begin to use Project 2016, the common sayings (or aphorisms, axioms, and precepts) here can help you recall basic project-management principles. Tack them on your office wall so that you can review [more…]

Project 2016

Introducing Project 2016

Project 2016, which is a scheduling tool, helps you organize, manage, and control defined variables, as identified in the following table. Project can also help you manage the undefined variables as well [more…]