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Macs & OS X

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Macs & OS X

Installing (or Reinstalling) Mac OS X Panther

In theory, you should only have to install Mac OS X once. And in a perfect world, that would be the case. But you may find occasions when you have to install/reinstall it, such as the following: [more…]

Macs & OS X

Fixing a Frozen Mac

A colorful spinning beach ball is an unwelcome sight on your Apple, at least when that ball never seems to leave the screen. A beach ball that just keeps spinning is a sign that a cranky Mac has turned [more…]

Macs & OS X

Adding Icons to the Dock in Mac OS X (Jaguar)

You can customize your Dock with favorite applications, a document you update daily, or maybe a folder containing your favorite recipes — whatever you need quick access to. The following sections tell [more…]

Macs & OS X

Adding and Removing Dock Icons in Mac OS X

Take a minute to look at the row of icons at the bottom of your display. That row is the Dock, and those individual pictures are known as icons.

Dock icons are a quick way to bring a hidden window or application [more…]

Macs & OS X

Starting a Wireless Network with Airport

One of the many things that a new Macintosh does as it starts up is look for a network connection — any network connection — and try to set that connection up. If your Mac has AirPort installed, this startup [more…]

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