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What's New about the New MacBook?

The New MacBook is a new notebook computer from Apple Inc., that is just as it claims to be — "Light." And "Years ahead." In efforts to change the way Apple Inc. produces and sells its products, the company [more…]

Macs & OS X

Fixing a Frozen Mac

A colorful spinning beach ball is an unwelcome sight on your Apple, at least when that ball never seems to leave the screen. A beach ball that just keeps spinning is a sign that a cranky Mac has turned [more…]

Mac OS X Mavericks

How to Browse the Internet with Safari with OS X Mavericks

With your Internet connection set up on your OS X Mavericks machine, you're ready to browse the web. Let's focus on browsing the web with Safari because it's the web browser installed with OS X Mavericks [more…]

Mac OS X Mavericks

Basics of FaceTime in OS X Mavericks

In the beginning, FaceTime brought video calling to the iPhone 4. Not surprisingly, it soon spread to OSX Mavericks, later generation iPads, and the iPod touch. [more…]

Switching from a PC

Comparison of Apple MacBook Laptop Models

If you are thinking about switching from a PC to a Mac, consider the Apple laptops. Compact and elegantly designed, they show up more and more at meetings where clunky Windows laptops used to predominate [more…]