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Finder Shortcuts for Your MacBook Keyboard

Keyboard shortcuts help you make quick, efficient use of the OS X Finder on your MacBook, providing all kinds of options for performing common tasks within El Capitan. [more…]


Standard MacBook Function Keys You Should Know

Some MacBook keys display symbols you may not have seen on a computer keyboard before. Here’s a handy reference for what those function keys can do for you on your Apple laptop. [more…]


Startup Keys: More Power to Your MacBook Keyboard

Some keys and keyboard combinations on your MacBook were born for Startup magic — either to get your Apple laptop booted up, help troubleshoot computer problems, or perform other technical tricks within [more…]

MacBook For Dummies Extras

MacBook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your MacBook keyboard puts efficiency at your fingertips. Startup keys, shortcut key combinations, and special function keys invite you to perform different tasks with a single touch — from turning up [more…]

MacBook For Dummies Extras

Candid Photography with MacBook’s Photo Booth

Are you ready to put your MacBook’s built-in FaceTime HD camera to work? Your camera allows you to capture video or snap a quick, fun series of photos via the Photo Booth application that comes with El [more…]