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How to Change Locations When Saving or Opening Files in Office 2016

Office 2016 uses the current Windows user’s OneDrive as the default storage location. OneDrive is a secure online storage area hosted by Microsoft. Anyone who registers for the service, or who logs into [more…]


How to Copy Formatting with the Format Painter in Word 2016

It might take several different operations to get some text exactly the way you want it in Word 2016. Once it’s perfect, you can copy its formatting to other text by using Format Painter. This not only [more…]


How to Save Your Report in Other Formats in Word 2016

When you share a document with other people, you are assuming they have Microsoft Word or another application that opens Word files. These days that’s actually a pretty safe bet, with all the options available [more…]


How to Create a PDF or XPS Version of a Report in Word 2016

You can save your Word document in PDF or XPS format. These are both page layout formats, and files in this format are designed to show pages exactly as they will print. They are not designed to be easily [more…]