Case Study

Client: Intellectual Property (IP) Academy (Singapore)

Solution: Essentials of Intellectual Property for Dummies

Essentials of Intellectual Property For Dummies is a handy resource designed to help businesses gain a quick understanding of the different forms of IP and get started on managing their portfolio of IP to meet business goals.


The IP Academy (Singapore) is a national initiative dedicated to the deepening and broadening of Singapore’s knowledge and capabilities in IP protection, exploitation and management. IP Academy (Singapore) offers programs that enable participants to keep abreast of the latest developments in the ever-changing global IP landscape. Through its extensive international networks with other leading IP institutions, professional bodies and industry partners, the IP Academy (Singapore) seeks to enhance the knowledge of IP professionals and businesses, helping them to maximize their human capital.


The IP Academy’s Essentials of IP For Dummies, a simple, first-step guide to making IP work for businesses, was launched on World IP Day, 26th April 2011, and given to participants who registered for IP Academy’s programs. IP Academy’s education and training programs are focused to meet different needs and structured to build skills and knowledge from the ground up and IP Academy’s Essentials of IP For Dummies is an effective way to build awareness of IP’s relevance to different sectors.

The guide effectively highlighted the importance of staying on top of IP within a business, keeping correct records to protect IP, aligning IP with business goals and making the most of a business’ IP.


IP Academy’s Essentials of IP For Dummies was very well-received by Singapore’s business communities. IP Academy expects the interest in Essentials of IP For Dummies will continue as businesses realize the importance of IP in generating income and gaining market share.