How To Scrapbook

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How to Start a Scrapbook

Before you start a scrapbook, spend some time planning it. Start by collecting items for your scrapbook, and organizing your materials and thoughts so that your finished scrapbooks have the look you want [more…]

Discovering Your Scrapbooking Style

Scrapbooking styles aren't yet definable in a truly formal sense. Instead, they're as individual as the scrapbookers themselves, and scrappers are constantly experimenting with new looks and techniques [more…]

Staying Safe with Page Protectors

Page protectors do the mighty job of protecting scrapbooks that will be thumbed through for years and maybe for generations. Protecting the pages of these scrapbooks from the natural oils on hands big [more…]

Staking Your Claim: Creating a Workspace at Home

Setting up a workspace where you can do your scrapbooking makes organizing your materials and creating stories for your scrapbooks easier and more fun. Give yourself permission to put together your own [more…]

Journaling in Your Scrapbook

A good scrapbook is more than just pages with photographs and mementos, it's a record of events, which means that your journaling skills get to shine as well as your creative skills. To encourage your [more…]

How to Get Started Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is an opportunity to preserve personal and family memories. To get started, gather the photos and mementos that will help make your scrapbook a continuing joy. Use the tips in the following [more…]

How to Discover Your Scrapbooking Style

Scrapbooking is more than gathering photos and writing captions, it's an art form that reflects your personal style. Use the tips in the following list to help develop and polish your unique scrapbooking [more…]

Taking Good Pictures and Preserving Them in Your Scrapbook

Photographs are the predominant items in your scrapbook, so knowing how to take good photos and how to preserve them adds value and longevity to your scrapbooks. The following list offers tips for taking [more…]

How to Choose the Right Materials and Tools for Scrapbooking

If you want your scrapbooks to stand the ravages of time — and that's the whole point of scrapbooking, isn't it? — you need to choose your materials and tools carefully. The following list offers advice [more…]

Scrapbooking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Scrapbooking is an engrossing hobby that helps preserve — and create — memories. To be a good scrapbooker, you need to get organized; gather the right materials and tools; pay attention to the stories [more…]

Getting Ready to Scrapbook

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