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High-Level Investing

The Synthetic Long Bullish Combination in Investing

The synthetic long is a great bullish combination. It can offer an unlimited bullish gain potential and no losses. In fact, if you time it well, the synthetic long could also give you a net credit. What's [more…]

High-Level Investing

10 Traits of Successful Investors

If you watch and invest in the market, you get to see so much — what works and what doesn't work, which qualities help you and which ones don't, and more. Which ten traits keep coming up as you watch great [more…]

High-Level Investing

10 Ways to Maximize Gains When Investing on a High Level

Maximizing gains is every investor's goal. Who doesn't want to get the most from their stock investing pursuits? These ten strategies are meant to maximize stock [more…]

High-Level Investing

10 Ways to Minimize Losses in High Level Investing

Even the legendary investing and speculating pros have failures and losses. The key is that all these people learned from what they did and modified their approaches going forward. Here are ten aspects [more…]

High-Level Investing

How High Level Investors Can Use ETFs for Income

Besides concentrating on gains, you should try to earn steady income in your portfolio, too. Some superb exchange-traded funds (ETFs) concentrate on dividend yield, which deserves consideration for virtually [more…]