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Teaching Kids to Spell: Sight Words

You and your child can have fun spelling sight words, which are words like they and were that you child writes all the time. Put them on slips of paper or use commercial flashcards and then use them in [more…]

Keeping Homeschool Grades

Whether to collect and post grades in the homeschool is a reasonable question. And plenty of homeschool parents are asking it these days.

Whether you decide to keep grades in your homeschool depends almost [more…]

Designing Homeschool Unit Studies

Even if you use textbook curriculum for most of your homeschool studies, breaking out of the print mold and jumping headlong into a unit study is nice every now and then. For one thing, it makes your students [more…]

Taking the Leap into Homeschooling

So you're thinking about leaping into homeschooling. The excitement of a new life decision always brings some jitters with it. Although the idea of homeschooling intrigues you, a few questions may still [more…]

Addressing Homeschool Socialization

It's the first question you get from strangers who learn that you homeschool. Among veteran homeschoolers the topic is simply referred to as The Question. [more…]

Keeping Track of Homeschool Resource People

As a homeschool, you're often out on your own — just you and the students you're teaching. But teachers need outside resources, especially homeschool teachers, so keep a list of people you can call for [more…]

Invaluable Web Sites for Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers know that hopping onto the Web is always more useful when you know where you're going and what you expect to find when you get there. The Web sites in the following list all offer solid educational [more…]

Invaluable Magazines for Homeschoolers

When you want to read a homeschooling or educational periodical, the titles in the following table are a good example of the breadth available. Find a title that intrigues you and request a sample copy [more…]

How to Calculate Grade Point Averages for Homeschooled Students

If you're homeschooling, you may not give your children traditional grades — many homeschoolers don't. However, there may come a time when your homeschooled student enters public school or wants to apply [more…]

Homeschooling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Although homeschooling is clearly done in the home, all sorts of homeschooling resources are available on the Internet. You can access invaluable Web sites devoted to homeschooling and tap into magazines [more…]

What Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

MOOCs (massive open online courses) are e-learning courses that are available to anyone with a computer and access to the Internet. Ever want to attend a class at Harvard, Caltech, or Oxford? You can, [more…]

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