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How to Fix Scratches In Hardwood Floors

Fixing scratched hardwood floors is essential for any homeowner lucky enough to have wood floors. Scratches on hardwood floors mar their beauty, but fixing scratches is easy. You can make your floor look as good as new. [more…]

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How to Install a Deadbolt Lock

Installing a deadbolt lock is essential to protecting your home. For added security, take the time to learn how to install a deadbolt lock on every exterior door. [more…]

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Painting & Wallpapering Methods

Getting to Know Wallpaper-Removal Techniques

New wallcovering can transform a room, going from boring to beautiful. But before you can determine the best approach to removing wallpaper, you need to know the type of wallcovering and the type of wall [more…]

Painting & Wallpapering Methods

Estimating How Much Paint to Buy

Before you begin painting your home's interior walls, ceiling, woodwork, doors, or windows, you need to estimate the amount of paint you'll use. Estimates require specific calculations for each surface [more…]

Interior Decorating

Using Curtains and Draperies in Your Home Decor

Curtains and draperies are chameleons. They work hard at blocking light and sound, heat and cold. They're also extraordinarily decorative and add enormous personality to a room. [more…]

Tub Surround Projects

Caulking Your Tub and Shower

Caulking the connection between your shower walls and tub prevents leaks and reduces mildew buildup. Removing old caulk and recaulking joints between tiles and your tub is an annual bathroom maintenance [more…]

Interior Decorating

Applying Feng Shui Principles to Your Bed

Feng Shui involves many principles for the auspicious (or favorable) positioning of your bed. To take advantage of as many of them as you can, use common sense, along with the conditions of your individual [more…]

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