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How to Roast Vegetables

Roasting vegetables is an easy way to bring out the flavor of the vegetables and is a healthy way to eat them. You can roast vegetables either alone or in combination with others. You won't need much (or any) seasoning because the flavors are concentrated. [more…]

Cooking & Recipes

Carving a Chicken

After you roast a chicken, you need to carve it. Carving simply means to cut the chicken into smaller pieces. Carving a whole chicken that you’ve cooked follows a certain process designed for efficiency and maximum yield. [more…]

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Wine Basics

What’s a Good Wine?

A good wine is, above all, a wine that you like enough to drink, because the whole purpose of a wine is to give pleasure to those who drink it. After that, how good a wine is depends on how it measures [more…]

Wine Basics

What’s a Bad Wine?

Strangely enough, the right to declare a wine goodbecause you like it doesn’t carry with it the right to call a wine bad just because you don’t. In this game, you get to make your own rules, but you don’t [more…]

Wine Basics

Understanding Wine Names by Region

Unlike American wines, most European wines are named for the region where their grapes grow rather than for the grape variety itself. Many of these European wines come from precisely the same grape varieties [more…]

Wine Basics

Finding Indications of Origin on Wine Labels

The European Union has set up a system to recognize and protect agricultural products (such as wine, cheese, olives, hams, and so forth) that come from specific places so that companies in other places [more…]

Wine Basics

Winemaking Vinification Terminology

Producing wine actually involves two separate steps: the growing of the grapes, called viticulture, and the making of the wine, called vinification. The vinification end of wine production falls into two [more…]

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