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Choosing Compatible Fish for a Saltwater Aquarium

When deciding on fish for your saltwater aquarium, the species you choose should be compatible in size, attitude, and dietary needs. After all, your saltwater fish will be living in the confined space [more…]

Dealing with Algae in Your Aquarium

No matter what you do to keep your aquarium clean, you'll always have some type of algae in your aquarium system. You can keep it under control with live plants, algae-eating fish, scrapers, and other [more…]

Dealing with "Cotton Wool" Fungus on Your Koi

Cotton wool or cotton ball disease is a charming name for Saprolegnia — a nasty fungus that grows when bad water quality stresses your koi. Expect to find it when the water contains quantities of uneaten [more…]

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic aquariums (or tanks) are lightweight and come in an amazing number of shapes and sizes to suit whatever style needs you have. If you're looking at acrylic aquariums for your saltwater or freshwater [more…]

How Much Food Is Enough for Aquarium Fish?

Hobbyists new to aquarium keeping get such constant reminders not to overfeed their fish that they sometimes end up underfeeding them. Too much food in an aquarium tank can also build up and foul the water [more…]

Following a Cleaning Schedule to Maintain Your Aquarium

Preventative maintenance for your saltwater or freshwater aquarium is easy if you follow a schedule. A little maintenance every day will keep your fish and aquarium environment clean and healthy. [more…]

Looking at Power Filters for Your Saltwater Aquarium

A power filter is the one of the easier and least complicated water-filter systems for your saltwater aquarium. The design is simple: Water is pulled into the filter media and pumped back to the tank. [more…]

Selecting Healthy Koi for Your Pond or Aquarium

Seeking a koi in top-notch health should be foremost in your mind, even ahead of color and pattern. This requirement becomes especially important if the fish must be shipped by air or ride in a vehicle [more…]

Transferring Koi into an Aquarium or Pond

When you're confident that your new koi are healthy after a three-week quarantine, you can finally introduce them to their aquatic castle, whether it's an aquarium or pond. Koi can go directly from quarantine [more…]

Test Kits for Testing Water in Saltwater Aquariums

You can't visually determine the pH balance of the water in your saltwater aquarium. To maintain healthy levels of chemicals and minerals in saltwater aquariums, you have to test the water, and to do that [more…]

Maintenance Schedule for Your Saltwater Aquarium

To keep the fish and other marine life in your saltwater aquarium happy and healthy, you have to do some basic maintenance. Some tasks you need to do every day without fail; other jobs you do weekly, bi-weekly [more…]

How to Feed the Fish in Your Saltwater Aquarium

Develop a working sense of how much and how often to feed the fish in your saltwater aquarium. Use the guidelines in the following list and keep in mind that it's definitely better to feed them too little [more…]

Saltwater Aquariums For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Keeping a saltwater aquarium means maintaining a fairly strict maintenance schedule to keep the life inside healthy. The water in saltwater aquariums requires regular testing for a variety of minerals [more…]

Good Freshwater Fish for Beginners

You’re starting a freshwater aquarium and need to know what kind of fish to stock it with. The fish in the following list are good species of freshwater fish for beginners: [more…]

What to Look for When Buying Freshwater Fish

Buying fish for your freshwater aquarium is opportunity for a fun trip to the pet store. As you choose fish to take home, look at the physical characteristics in the following list to determine whether [more…]

What You Need to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium System

When you decide to set up a freshwater aquarium, you commit to getting a number of items aside from the fish. You need equipment and supplies to help keep the aquarium environment healthy for your fish [more…]

Common Freshwater Fish Medications

Sometimes, your freshwater fish get sick. If you notice signs of illness, try the following remedies — most of them applications you use in the whole tank — to treat your sick fish: [more…]

Characteristics of Good Fish Dealers

As you shop for the tenants of your freshwater — or saltwater — aquarium, look for a fish dealer who sells healthy fish and can offer information and assistance when you need it. A good fish dealer has [more…]

Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To start and keep a freshwater aquarium, you need not only a tank, but the other equipment necessary to keep the water habitable for the fishy inhabitants. As you purchase those fish, make sure that you [more…]

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