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Wine, Beer & Spirits

Understanding Wine Labels

Every bottle of wine must have a label, and that label must provide certain information about the wine. [more…]

Wine, Beer & Spirits

Shaking Cocktails, Making Martinis

The main reasons for shaking drinks are to chill a cocktail, mix the ingredients, or put a head of foam on some cocktails. [more…]

Entertaining & Holidays

Snow Blower: A Drink to Drift Into

Regardless of the history or origin, punches of all kinds are an expected beverage at many of today's social gatherings. Whether you're an aspiring bartender or just someone who wants to be a good host (and the life of the party), you need to pack at least a few punches in your repertoire of drinks. [more…]

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How Much Is a DASH? This, and Other Metric Mysteries Solved

It’s Thanksgiving meal prep time again, so tie on that apron, slip into some comfortable shoes and settle into the kitchen (you’re going to be in there a long while). To reduce the lag time scouring online [more…]

Entertaining & Holidays

For Kids: How to Set a Table

You ask your mom, “Can I help?” You’re hoping to stir some batter but she says, “Sure! Set the table, please!” It’s better than homework or taking out the trash, sure, but you’re a little worried. Where [more…]


Thanksgiving Silly Story Word Fun: A Very Special Thanksgiving Story

Silly word games are fun for kids of ALL ages. Print out this game, and play it around the Thanksgiving table between turkey and pie!

Download the Thanksgiving Silly Story. [more…]


A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

You don’t need meat to feel satisfied in a gustatory sense. Try this menu for a vegetarian* take on Thanksgiving. Mix & match, select 2 from each category. You won’t miss the bird! [more…]

Entertaining & Holidays

How to Set Your Table for an Informal Feast

Not all holiday feasts have to be formal affairs. In fact, some gatherings are, thankfully, more about the parades and football than the food! For a more casual gathering, stick with a less formal table [more…]