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Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Select an iPad App for Taking Class Notes

Teachers and students both need a good note taking iPad app for classroom use. Many note taking apps exist for the iPad, but a good note-keeping app should satisfy the following requirements. [more…]

Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Learning in the Classroom via the Twitter iPad App

Educators are discovering the power of learning via Twitter. Through Twitter for iPad, teachers can share news, opinions, and important information about education, especially on best ways to use an iPad to enhance learning in a classroom setting. [more…]

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Chronic Pain and Individual Differences in Pain Perception

Although pain is a necessary function for preventing damage to the body, in some cases, pain itself becomes disabling. Chronic pain can occur in disease conditions such as cancer, in which case the normal [more…]


Correcting Brain Injury with Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells that exist during development (and sometimes afterward) that are undifferentiated and retain the ability to turn into specialized cells such as neurons, kidney cells, blood vessel [more…]


Using Neuroprostheses for Sensory Loss

The loss of a major sense such as vision or hearing is one of the most disabling of all nervous system disorders. Most vision and hearing losses occur from damage to the peripheral receptors or receptor [more…]


Treating Disease with Nanobots

Nanotechnology is the assembling of devices with molecular components to achieve nanoscale structures. Current conceptions are for nanoscale devices to be autonomous, with the ability to sense, move, obtain [more…]


Engaging in Computer-Controlled Learning

Learning is hard. Most people spend at least 7 hours a day for 12 years just to qualify for a high school diploma. If you have dyslexia, autism, or some other learning disability, your struggle to achieve [more…]