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Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Select an iPad App for Taking Class Notes

Teachers and students both need a good note taking iPad app for classroom use. Many note taking apps exist for the iPad, but a good note-keeping app should satisfy the following requirements. [more…]

Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Learning in the Classroom via the Twitter iPad App

Educators are discovering the power of learning via Twitter. Through Twitter for iPad, teachers can share news, opinions, and important information about education, especially on best ways to use an iPad to enhance learning in a classroom setting. [more…]

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Retaking the ASVAB

An AFQT score of less than 10 is a failing score, but no branch of the service accepts that low of a score anyway. Therefore, you can fail to achieve a score high enough to enlist in the service branch [more…]


Taking the ASVAB Test: Paper or Computerized?

Many versions of the ASVAB exist (although you probably won’t get a choice of which one to take), but they primarily boil down to two basic differences: the paper version and the computerized version. [more…]


Study Tips for the ASVAB

Before you begin studying for the ASVAB, take practice tests. Try to duplicate the testing environment — take the entire exam at one time, time yourself, and don’t allow interruptions. [more…]


Guessing at What the Writer Really Means for the ASVAB

The Paragraph Comprehension subtest of the ASVAB also requires you to analyze what you’ve read. Analysis is more than simply picking out the point of the text. Analyzing a passage requires you to draw [more…]


ASVAB Preparation: Circles

You will need to be familiar with some circle basics for the ASVAB. A circle is formed when the points of a closed line are all located an equal distance from its center. A circle always has 360 ͦ. Here [more…]