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Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Select an iPad App for Taking Class Notes

Teachers and students both need a good note taking iPad app for classroom use. Many note taking apps exist for the iPad, but a good note-keeping app should satisfy the following requirements. [more…]

Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Learning in the Classroom via the Twitter iPad App

Educators are discovering the power of learning via Twitter. Through Twitter for iPad, teachers can share news, opinions, and important information about education, especially on best ways to use an iPad to enhance learning in a classroom setting. [more…]

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5 Useful Physical Constants

Physicists love to go out and measure properties of the world around us. If you are hoping to get a better grasp on physics, these properties are useful information. Here are some of the most useful physical [more…]


Moments of Inertia in Physics

In physics, the moment of inertia measures how resistant an object is to changes in its rotational motion about a particular axis. Here are some of the most common moments of inertia: [more…]


Important Physics Equations to Remember

Many people find Physics to be a difficult subject to approach. Well now, you have some tools to help you along the way. This handy list of physics equations organized by topic contains the most common [more…]

U Can: Physics I For Dummies Extras

U Can: Physics I For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Have all of the relevant physics information you’ll need to solve kinematics, force, energy, and thermodynamics problems at your fingertips with these handy physics equations and constants. Here, you find [more…]


Save Time on the GED Math Test: Round and Estimate

You can save time on some questions in the Mathematical Reasoning test of the GED by working with approximate numbers instead of exact numbers. Two useful techniques for doing this are rounding and estimating [more…]