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3 Dinner Recipes for the Total Body Diet

The last meal of the day may not seem as important as the first, but on the Total Body Diet, getting the nutrients your body needs to restore and replenish itself is vital. However, because your body slows [more…]

Weight Loss

10 Total Body Diet Tips for Keeping the Weight Off

Here are ten Total Body Diet tips to help you effectively keep weight off in a realistic and healthy way. Remember, the road to weight loss and maintenance is a well-beaten path, with arrows pointing in [more…]

Weight Loss

10 Ways to Stay Active While on the Total Body Diet

An active lifestyle is good for your total body wellness and fosters a mind–body connection. Here are ten fun ways to get moving. From hitting the pavement to the water to the ice rink to the mat, in any [more…]

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10 Tech Tools for the Total Body Diet

This list highlights some helpful tech tools for total body wellness. This is, by no means, a complete list — new ones are coming out every day! [more…]

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10 Tips for Sticking to the Total Body Diet for Life

Who doesn't need inspiration while on the road to total body health and wellness? Recalibrating your Total Body Diet plan with the changing tides will help you maintain realistic expectations regardless [more…]