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Windows 8

What’s New in Windows 8.1?

You've heard the buzz about Windows 8.1, but you're probably wondering what's really changed. Actually, there are quite a few changes between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1; following are eight of the most significant changes. [more…]

Windows 8

How to Install the Windows 8.1 Preview

Are you ready to try out the latest and greatest version of Windows? If so, the Windows 8.1 preview may be for you. You can download and install the Windows 8.1 preview on your PC by following these steps. [more…]

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Microsoft Office 2016 For Dummies Extras

Working with IF Functions in Excel 2016

Excel’s IF function intimidates a lot of people, but it’s really not that conceptually difficult. The IF function determines whether a statement is true or false, and then takes one of two actions depending [more…]


Switch Statements in JavaScript

Switch statements in JavaScript are like highways with many different exits. The switch statement chooses among multiple cases by evaluating an expression. These values are like the exits. Each of these [more…]


What Is JavaScript?

Of all the things that were invented in the earliest days of the web, the thing that has had the biggest impact over the longest time was JavaScript. In the early days of the web, every web page consisted [more…]


Google Chrome and JavaScript

The one essential tool that you need for working with JavaScript is a web browser. Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser, and it has a number of great tools for working with JavaScript [more…]


How to Run Your First JavaScript Commands

It's time to start experimenting with some real JavaScript code! If you don't already have it open, open the JavaScript Console by selecting it from the Other Tools menu under the Chrome menu, or by clicking [more…]