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Deciding What Coins to Collect

Because money is a limiting factor, no matter how much of it you have, figure out how much you want to budget for your collection and then decide where to spend it. Here are some suggestions for interesting [more…]

Collecting Various Types of Coins

Throughout the years, people all around the world have experimented with a variety of items to denote value. The natives of Papua New Guinea valued the dried carcasses of the bird of paradise. The early [more…]

Getting Excited about Collecting U.S. Coins

Forty years ago, your spare change might yield all kinds of things: Indian-head cents, buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Standing Liberty quarters, Walking Liberty half dollars, and plenty of the more modern [more…]

Getting Your Kids Involved in Coin Collecting

Unlike so many hobbies and pastimes that kids can participate in, coin collecting can last a lifetime. Your niece, the avid skateboarder, isn't going to be doing a kickflip when she's 50. And your son, [more…]

Purchasing Gold Coins, Bars, or Certificates as Investments

Gold is one of the few commodities that can be physically stored to have its value preserved or increased over time, so one way to invest in gold is to actually buy it. You can purchase gold coins or bars [more…]

Web Sites of Interest to Coin Collectors

The more you know about coins, the more interesting and fun coin collecting is. The easiest place to look for information is on the Web. And then coin collecting is just a hop, skip, and a mouse-click [more…]

Magazines of Interest to Coin Collectors

Most coin collectors read at least one trade publication to see what’s happening in the industry, who has coins or currency for sale that may interest them, who’s buying what, timely coin prices, coin [more…]

Price Guides for Coin Collectors

When you’re ready to buy or sell coins, a price guide is essential. By subscribing to NumisMedia (phone: 949-362-3786), you get weekly updates on price and availability. When you decide that you’re serious [more…]

Coin Dealers

The most important choice you make as a coin collector is deciding on which dealers to do business with. Certainly there are more good dealers than just the ones in the following list, but these offer [more…]

Auction Houses for Coin Collectors

Many rare and valuable coins are traded through auction houses. The auction houses in the following list are some of the most respected. Contact at least several of these places, and then go to a live [more…]

Coin Collecting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The fine and fun hobby of collecting coins has a long history and no doubt a long future as well. If you’re collecting in the here and now, though, you need info on price guides, auction houses, and coin [more…]

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