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Share Education Videos with the Showyou iPad App

Teachers can share education videos using Showyou for iPad. Multimedia is an important classroom learning tool, so educators need a simple video archiving app to collect and share videos with students [more…]

Teach Reading to Younger Students Using Classroom iPads

Engage younger students in reading with classroom iPads and e-books. Teachers may ask if using iPads for reading education is “right”. However, if students are enjoying reading, most educators would answer [more…]

Deliver E-Books to Classrooms through iPad E-Book Subscription Apps

To engage young learners in reading, many teachers are using e-books on classroom iPads. E-book subscriptions apps for iPad help these teachers easily manage the process of selecting and downloading e-books [more…]

Read Student Documents with GoodReader iPad App

Students may produce documents in a variety of formats that teachers must read and annotate, and the GoodReader iPad app can help. In your classroom, students may work on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents [more…]

Get Free E-Books for Education and Learning

If you teach reading in an iPad classroom, having access to free e-books is important, especially if your iPad budget is limited. Luckily, there are many sources of free e-books on the web. Many classics [more…]

E-Textbooks and the iPad Learning Classroom

If your students use iPads in the classroom for collaboration and research, you may want to add e-textbooks. Like digital e-books, e-textbooks for iPads can offer interactivity and search capabilities [more…]

Distribute Educational Material for e-Readers

In a classroom full of iPads, it’s only natural for teachers to want to distribute educational material in a format e-readers can use. Teachers can distribute content to e-readers on iPads easily by creating [more…]

How to Set Educational Objectives with iPads in the Classroom

To utilize iPads effectively for education, you must consider classroom iPads within the framework of educational objectives and learning that address the needs of our rapidly changing society. Simply [more…]

How to Share iPads in School Education

iPads are inherently personal devices, so sharing iPads in an educational setting or other learning environment (between classrooms or classes for example) is difficult. iPads don’t offer user logins or [more…]

Guide to iPad Education Deployment in Schools

After deciding to use iPads in the classroom, start by developing a strategy for the iPad deployment. Base your deployment strategy on the number of iPads you want to introduce. Are you setting up a few [more…]

How to Setup iPads for Classroom Use with Apple Configurator

Assuming you want to setup a manageable group of iPads for classroom use (from 10 to 150 iPads), your best option is Apple Configurator. Use Configurator to setup new iPads, install iPad apps, and manage [more…]

Five Tips for Managing iPads in Your School Classroom

How should a teacher best manage iPads in a school classroom? iPad management in schools is likely to undergo some revisions soon, but these five tips should help make the task of iPad management a little [more…]

iPad Workflow Solutions for Classroom Education

When using iPads for education in classrooms, it's best to select workflow solutions such as Dropbox or Evernote, that work with your particular students and iPads. For example, sharing a cloud folder [more…]

How to Find the Best iPad Apps for Education

Some educational iPad apps are incredibly imaginative, well designed, and productive. With hundreds of thousands of educational iPad apps to choose among, you’d be well advised to learn how to sort the [more…]

Improve Educational Research with Safari's Reading List for iPad

Whether you're a student or a teacher, you can speed up your educational research on the iPad with Safari's Reading List. Reading List lets you save webpages without bookmarking them, to read later. Educational [more…]

Improve Educational Research with the Instapaper iPad App

Instapaper helps both students and teachers using iPads speed up educational research by enabling them to save and later read content from the web. Instapaper empowers students to use the Internet to gather [more…]

Improve Educational Research with the Diigo iPad App

Students and teachers can improve educational research on the web with Diigo. Diigo enables students and teachers to easily catalog web information for education. Diigo also works on desktop computers [more…]

Create an Education News Feed with the Flipboard iPad App

With Flipboard, teachers can create custom education news feeds on their iPads. Flipboard is an iPad app that can keep teachers up to date on education news and other developments in their field. [more…]

Learning in the Classroom via the Twitter iPad App

Educators are discovering the power of learning via Twitter. Through Twitter for iPad, teachers can share news, opinions, and important information about education, especially on best ways to use an iPad [more…]

Share Educational Material with the Diigo iPad App

Diigo for iPad enables educators to organize and archive web content to share with students and fellow teachers. Through social bookmarking, Diigo enables teachers to share anything they find on the web [more…]

Explore iPad Apps for the Science Classroom

The iPad is an ideal tool for investigation in the science classroom. Students can take iPads with them as they explore their environment and take scientific readings. iPads can be fitted with external [more…]

Biology Experiments and the TimeLapse Pro iPad App

Teachers can easily incorporate iPads into their biology science classrooms to research and record experiments. This activity uses iPads and the TimeLapse Pro app to measure the growth of mung beans over [more…]

Demonstrate Mathematical Concepts with iPad Presentation Apps

Teachers can use iPads and presentation apps such as Explain Everything or Keynote in their math classrooms to encourage students to apply mathematical concepts to real world examples. By creating presentations [more…]

Science Class and the ProScope Mobile iPad Microscope

Science concepts come alive in the iPad classroom when students apply their knowledge of the scientific method using iPad devices such as ProScope Mobile and AirMicroPad to collect and record their experiments [more…]

Science Class iPads and Observing and Recording Animal Behavior

Integrating iPads into the science classroom as an aid in research and the scientific method is easily done. For example, science class iPads can be used to help observe and record animal behavior, as [more…]

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