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Finding a Job

Ten Ways to Network for a New Job

Job search advisors everywhere report that the most reliable way to get a new job is to expand your network of contacts. Those contacts can give you the inside track to newly opened jobs that are not yet advertised or posted on Internet job boards. You're not cheating when you use your network to find a job; you're smart! [more…]

Finding a Job

How Online Screening Techniques Affect Your Job Search

Your targeted resume may be screened out if an employer’s online screening program decides that you aren’t qualified for the position. Online screening software has the first word about who is admitted for a closer look and who isn’t. [more…]

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Advertising & Marketing

Knowing Your Customers: Market Segmentation

Knowing who's who among your customers is called market segmentation. It's the process of breaking down your customers into segments that share distinct similarities. [more…]

Advertising & Marketing

The Different Types of Social Media Marketing

There are hundreds of websites that would qualify as social media. The phrase social media marketing generally refers to using these online services for [more…]

Advertising & Marketing

Understanding Content Marketing

Content marketing includes all forms of content that both add value to consumers and that directly or indirectly promote a business, brand, products, or services. It's the [more…]

Advertising & Marketing

Small Business Marketing Strategies All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

All customers are not alike. Knowing how they differ — what their individual and group needs and preferences are — is key to successful marketing efforts nowadays. Marketing strategy involves segmenting [more…]

Advertising & Marketing

Building Your Account-Based Marketing Technology Stack

Account-based marketing is possible thanks to innovations in marketing technology (MarTech). Since the rise of marketing automation platforms (MAPs), thousands of new MarTech software vendors have entered [more…]