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Formula One Racing: What Happens during an F1 Pit Stop

Pit stops are one of the most tense and exciting features of a Grand Prix or other formula one auto race. In fact, auto races are frequently won and lost because of the pit stops and pit crews. In just [more…]

Checking Out Formula One Clothing

From the early years of the Formula One world championship, it became obvious that improvements to safety would not just depend on the design of cars and circuits. Racing drivers began to realize that [more…]

Meeting the NASCAR Team

You may not think of stock-car racing as a team sport — racing certainly seems like an individual sport, considering all the attention a driver gets. But while a driver is arguably the most important part [more…]

Discovering What Makes Formula One, Formula One

In racing terms, "formula" implies a pure racing car, a single-seater with open wheels — a format largely unconnected with, and unrecognisable from, road cars. Formula [more…]

A Week in the Life of a Formula One Driver

We all like to think that driving a racing car flat-out would be easy, but it isn't, even if you have heaps of talent. A modern-day Formula One driver has to work very hard if he's going to win a race. [more…]

Surviving NASCAR's Initial Inspection

Long before drivers go to drivers' meetings or teams put the final touches on their racecars, their cars must be approved to race by NASCAR officials. Throughout race weekend, NASCAR inspects cars to see [more…]

Passing: A NASCAR Art

One of the most obvious strategies in NASCAR racing is to pass as many cars as you can by coming up on either the right or left side of the car in front [more…]

The Anatomy of a Formula One Pit Stop

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

What to Pack for a NASCAR Race

Going to a NASCAR race is a lot of fun, but if you haven't been to a race before, here's a handy list of what to bring with you and what to leave at home: [more…]

The NASCAR Main Series

NASCAR has many different racing series, featuring drivers from all over and with various levels of talent competing in a set number of events and following rules by the sanctioning body. The three national [more…]

What the NASCAR Race Flags Mean

At the start of the NASCAR race, keep your eye on the flagman (a NASCAR official), who is perched above the race track at the start/finish line in a crow's nest of sorts. He's waving different colored [more…]

NASCAR For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're a newcomer to NASCAR, learning some basics — like the differences between the NASCAR series and what the flags signal during a race — will have you talking like a race pro in no time. And if [more…]

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