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How Goldmine 8.0 Differs from Goldmine 6.0

By Joel Scott

The Premium Edition of GoldMine contains the first truly significant upgrades to GoldMine since version 6. Not only are they significant, but these enhancements are truly positive, showing off FrontRange’s renewed commitment and resources.

New user interface

If you ever used GoldMine before Premium Edition, you can’t help but notice the new interface. No more four quadrants, although the same old fields are basically in the same old places. Now there’s a little more flexibility when designing custom fields in this part of the screen. Oh, and this “part of the screen,” which used to just be called the “main screen” or the “four quadrants,” is now called the “work area.”

Navigation from one function to another is greatly streamlined by using the new Navigation Pane on the left side of the screen. In fact, the new user interface greatly facilitates navigation in almost every case. Just as an example, GoldMine now keeps track of where you’ve been so that you can easily backtrack.

Plus, it all looks much more modern.

Customer support module

Now, finally, with the Premium Edition, GoldMine has its own Knowledge Base. The Service Module keeps track of customer complaints or issues or questions that need to be addressed. The Service Module doesn’t really handle contract or billable time. Computer Control’s Billable Time Manager fills that void nicely.

Tabbed view

GoldMine now keeps track of where you’ve been and keeps each of those windows open. Near the top of the work area, GoldMine Premium shows you a running trail of the windows you have opened.

There are pros and cons to this, but the biggest advantage is that you can pop back and forth between several different tasks without closing out what you’re doing.


Not really new in GoldMine Premium, but new since GoldMine 6, is the ability to create a lookup list for a field and specify Auto-Complete. With this feature, as soon as you type enough in the field for GoldMine to uniquely identify which entry from the lookup list you want, it fills in the rest for you. This feature provides more streamlining and ease of use.


The GM+ Browser is an extension of the popular GM+View functionality that allows you to view information from external sources such as other databases, back office systems, and Web sites. You can have multiple GM+Browser windows open simultaneously, providing you the information needed to maximize your productivity. That’s the main difference between GM+Browser and GM+View.

Microsoft SQL reporting services

With Premium Edition, FrontRange has added Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Service. The word “Service” is what’s really significant here. Now you can schedule reports to run at predetermined times or at intervals without human interaction.

SQL Query Wizard

SQL Queries have much more power than either filters or groups. With SQL Queries, you can identify any logical set of records. In addition, despite the fact that the word “queries” makes you think that all you can do is ask questions of the data, the truth is that you can also use SQL Queries to edit existing data.

Web integration

The Web Import feature allows you to integrate your Web site with your GoldMine database. When a prospect fills out an inquiry page on your Web site, Web Import automatically takes that information and creates a new record in GoldMine, or updates an existing record if the prospect is already in the database.

If that’s not enough, through clever use of Automated Processes, you can then have GoldMine automatically respond to the prospect and schedule the right person in your organization to follow up. This is a great and underutilized feature.

GoldMine Standard Bites the Dust

Effective as of May 1, 2007, FrontRange no longer sells the Standard version. This also applies to GoldSync licenses. Support will continue until April 2008, although no button exists any longer to press on your phone when you call FrontRange for technical support for the Standard version. FrontRange is trying to encourage organizations using GoldMine Standard to upgrade to Corporate, Premium, or even Enterprise.