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How to Interest People in Your Infographic

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

After you make your list of key influencers to go after, with the hope that some of these websites and people will be interested enough in your infographic that they will want to share it with their followers, now comes the time to implement your plan. You’ll need to take the time to reach out to these potential influencers individually and find a way to interest them in featuring your content.

If there is some lead time between when the infographic is complete and when it needs to go live, offer some of the major websites an exclusive of the infographic. Many people have already done this with great success. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify a top tier of websites that you would love to see publish your infographic.

  2. Pin down your list to just a few prime candidates.

  3. Offer them the chance to be the first website to feature the infographic — even before you put it up on your own website.

    This exclusivity can be very enticing to websites because they all want to be the first to feature something great. Dangling this carrot could be a way to get a big site interested in featuring your infographic.

  4. If you get an exclusive, negotiate with the editor or other person-in-charge the day and time of publication.

  5. After they post your infographic, you can then put your infographic live on your own website, perhaps linking back to the site that first published it.

You can develop a lot of great relationships with major bloggers through the use of exclusives. If your work gets them a great response with lots of social sharing and traffic, the blogger may begin to consider you a reliable source for great content. And guess what? You just opened the door to future projects.