Keyboard Shortcuts for Selecting in Photoshop 6 - dummies

Keyboard Shortcuts for Selecting in Photoshop 6

By Deke McClelland, Barbara Obermeier

Part of Photoshop 6 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In order to play with images in Photoshop 6, it’s nice to be able to choose, or select, an image or part of an image so that you can draw on it, add color to it, or even delete it. The keyboard shortcuts available in Photoshop 6 help you manage a variety of selection tasks, and the following table tells you what to press in both Windows and Mac systems.

Note: All selection tricks are performed with selection tools. (There’s a shocker.)

Action PC Mac
Draw straight lines Alt+click with Lasso tool Option+click with Lasso tool
Add to selection outline Shift+drag Shift+drag
Deselect specific area Alt+drag Option+drag
Deselect all but intersected area Shift+Alt+drag Shift+Option+drag
Deselect entire image Ctrl+D Apple command key+D
Reselect last selection Ctrl+Shift+D Apple command key+Shift+D
Select everything Ctrl+A Apple command key+A
Hide extras Ctrl+H Apple command key+H
Move selection outline only Drag or press an arrow key Drag or press an arrow key
Fill selection with foreground color Alt+Backspace Option+Delete
Fill selection with background color Ctrl+Backspace Apple command key command key+Delete
Display Fill dialog box Shift+Backspace Shift+Delete
Cut selection Ctrl+X Apple command key+X
Copy selection Ctrl+C Apple command key+C
Paste image last cut or copied Ctrl+V Apple command key+V
Reapply last filter Ctrl+F Apple command key+F
Adjust levels Ctrl+L Apple command key+L
Free transform Ctrl+T Apple command key+T
Transform again Ctrl+Shift+T Apple command key+Shift+T