Readying Guest Rooms in Your Bed & Breakfast - dummies

Readying Guest Rooms in Your Bed & Breakfast

By Mary White

Part of Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re running a bed & breakfast, you want to give your guests the best possible experience in your inn. Use the following checklist to make sure your guest rooms make a good first impression:

  • Clean guest bedroom: dust; vacuum; change sheets; make bed; empty trash cans; check under beds, in drawers, and behind curtains for anything left by previous guests; note anything broken; reset thermostat

  • Check guest bedroom amenities: fresh glassware and beverage coasters, TV and DVD remotes on night stand, guest welcome letter, and so on

  • Stock guest bedroom closet: fresh robes hanging and arranged properly with belts tied, luggage rack open, wooden hangers (10 men’s/10 women’s), extra pillows and blankets

  • Add the finishing guest bedroom touches: check clock radio to be sure the time is set correctly and the alarm is turned off, adjust all blinds to the same level, display current magazines, add fresh candy to a dish, stage guest book with pen, and so on

  • Clean guest bathroom: dust; vacuum; mop; clean shower, toilet, mirrors, and vanity; empty trash cans

  • Check guest bathroom amenities: replace bath, hand, and face towels; replace bathmat; stock basics such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toilet paper, tissue, and fresh glassware

  • Add the finishing guest bathroom touches: add bath gel, mouthwash, makeup remover pads, hair dryer, deodorizer, and so on