“The UK Domain (by Nominet) ‘Dummies guide to getting your business online’ has been met with universal praise and recognition. It’s a hugely well-recognized and respected brand, and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the Dummies team to bring our idea to life. For many businesses, creating a website and moving online is still an alien concept outside their comfort zone. Our goal is to extend their comfort zone to demystify and simplify. Getting a business website and professional email address on a .uk domain is just all part and parcel of doing business in the UK. It’s pretty straightforward, low cost, and there are people around to help.”
– Neil Dagger, Head of Marketing, Planning and Insight; Nominet

Case Study: Nominet

Key Objectives

  1. Inform start ups and offline businesses on the right way to get online and save money
  2. Dispel the myths about creating a website and increase the number of UK businesses going online
  3. Raise awareness of the benefits of a business being online

How were the assets used?

  1. Online as a digital download
  2. Printed out paper copy used at events / handout / in the show bag
  3. Distributed to partners for giving out to new business start-ups. One recent example is UK libraries agreeing to stock and distribute / make available for their visitors. We’ve shipped thousands in through this route.

What results did you see?

Plenty of great feedback, and it remains popular.

How have your customers reacted to the book and what feedback have they shared with you?

Everyone has been very positive about the guide, and it seems to have found its niche. Everyone appreciates the simple non-techy language and clear communication style.