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How to Take Black-and-White Landscape Photos

Ansel Adams captured wonderful landscapes using black-and-white film. Your camera captures color images, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow in Ansel’s footsteps and create black-and-white photos. The [more…]

Tips for Composing Better Photos

Before working with Photoshop Elements 10, you need to take photographs that are interesting and well composed. Some of these tips overlap and contain common concepts, but they’re all free; they don’t [more…]

Emphasize Movement in Macro and Close-Up Photography

You normally want to avoid motion blur in macro and close-up photography, but when used creatively, it can provide interest and aesthetic quality to your images. [more…]

Food Photography Equipment Checklist

Taking great food images requires a good bit of quality photographic equipment. Unfortunately, this equipment can be somewhat expensive. A hand-held point-and-shoot camera or smart-phone camera simply [more…]

Placing Lights for Food Photography

You could be the greatest food stylist in the world, but no one will know if you don't light your photos properly. Knowing where to place lights for your shoot can really benefit the look and quality of [more…]

Removing Imperfections in Your Food Photography

Due to the messy nature of food styling and photography, sometimes you’ll have an extra drip, bit, or speck of stuff that needs tidying up after the image has been shot. When you have a little problem [more…]

Food Styling and Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Styling food to look delicious and then taking an impressive photograph of your creation requires all kinds of tools, tricks, and know-how. You need an understanding of both the creative and the technical [more…]

Digital Photography Secrets: Taking Great Outdoor Portraits

Ever wondered how professional photographers take such great outdoor portraits? Using your camera's flash is the key. In this tutorial, discover the ins and outs of using your digital camera's flash outdoors [more…]

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