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How to Use Lighting Kits and Nonconventional Sources for Your DSLR Video

While a DSLR does a relatively good job of providing you with lighting options for your film, you might consider lighting kits or a nonconventional source to help give you that extra advantage. [more…]

How to Create Dramatic Lighting for Your DSLR Film

Understanding the concept of dramatic lighting is a start, but theory only gets you so far. It doesn’t help unless you can use your DSLR to create compelling illumination. Traditional three-point light [more…]

How to Avoid DSLR Lighting Pitfalls

The difference between great and not-so-great DSLR film lighting often comes down to a few inches. Sometimes a few minor tweaks make the difference between effective and ineffective illumination. Being [more…]

How to Shoot Day for Night in Your DSLR Film

Need to do some tricky day for night shooting with your DSLR? Did you even wonder how Harry Potter looks so clear in the series' numerous night scenes, while [more…]

How to Edit Movie Clips with Premiere Elements Instant Movies

No doubt you're looking for an easy way to edit DSLR movie clips. The Instant Movie feature is pretty cool. Putting a movie together takes lots of time, and for some, that’s a reason to leave the days' [more…]

How to Set In and Out Points for Your DSLR Film

Rarely will you ever need to use the entire DSLR movie clip. In order to isolate key parts of the footage, set In and Out points. These refer to parts of the scene that you want the clip to begin and end [more…]

How to Tag Video in Premiere Elements Organizer

After importing and scouring your hard drive for your DSLR movie clips, you’ll be able to tag each video clip in the Premiere Elements Organizer. You can open the program separately or click the button [more…]

How to Change a Digital Video Clip’s Speed with Time Stretch

The duration of your DSLR video clip represents the length of time it plays from start to finish. In the linear world, you alter the length by lopping off frames. For example, instead of the subject walking [more…]

How to Show Your Digital Film on Facebook

With around 1 billion active users, the social media site Facebook certainly provides an appropriate forum to show your DSLR film. Of course, how many people actually see it depends in part on your friends [more…]

Necessary Screenplay Elements for Your Digital Film

The first step in writing a screenplay for your DSLR film lies in actually having a story to write. If you don’t have a well-thought-out idea, it doesn’t matter how professional your formatting looks. [more…]

Round Up Clips and Images for Your Movie Maker Film

Movie Maker might not directly import video clips from some camcorders! Instead, depending on the camcorder you’re using, you might need to run the software that came with your camcorder to import your [more…]

Build Your First Movie with Movie Maker

After you import all the pieces of your new film, it’s time to grab your megaphone and start creating. You start by adding items in the linear Storyboard window, which you use to literally assemble your [more…]

How to Add Transitions to Your Movie Maker Film

Imagine a film that cuts directly from scene to scene with fade-ins, fade-outs, dissolves, or wipes. These are all types of transitions — and without transitions, your movie ends up moving at a frantic [more…]

Add Special Effects to Your Movie Maker Film

Ready to take your film creativity up a notch? Click Movie Maker's Visual Effects tab to display the Effects group. From there, you can add special visual effects throughout your film. [more…]

How to Add Sound to Your Movie Maker Film

What movie is complete without a stirring soundtrack? For example, would the zombies in Return of the Living Dead have been anywhere near as scary without that punk rock playing in the background? Or, [more…]


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